Events during life of Martin Luther

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First printing press 1st Jan, 1440 Gutenberg invents new printing press Johannes Gutenberg invents the movable type printing press.
Gutenberg%20bible%20printed 1st Jan, 1450 Gutenburg prints first block-printed Bible It was published in Germany and had 42 lines per pages.
Timeline 1st Jan, 1453 End of Eastern Roman Empire
Ml 10th Nov, 1483 Martin Luther was born Martin Luther was born in Eisleben Germany
Cc%20santa%20maria 1st Jan, 1492 Christapher Columbus arrives in the Americas
First%20globe 1st Jan, 1492 Martin Blehaim designed the first globe
Watch 1st Jan, 1500 Peter Henlein invented the pocket watch
Masters%20degree 1st Jan, 1501 Martin Luther receives his masters degree. He decides to enroll in law school next.
Thunderstorm 2nd Jul, 1505 Martin Luther deides to become a monk The story is during a bad thunderstorm he promises St. Anne that if he lives he will become a monk instead os a lawyer like his dad wanted him to be.
Monalisa 1st Jan, 1507 The Mona Lisa The Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci was finished. It is a very famous painting.
Ml%20priest 1st Jan, 1507 Martin Luther becomes a priest
Rome 1st Jan, 1510 Luther went to the Holy city of Rome He went with a group from his monastery and did not like what he saw.
Wittenberg augustinianmonastery laterluthershouse 19th Oct, 1512 Martin Luther was awarded his Doctors degree of theology It is from the University of Wittenberg.
Pope%20leo 1st Jan, 1517 The pope was really pushing the sale of indulgences He used indulgences to raise money for the church which Martin Luther thought was wrong.
Luther95 31st Oct, 1517 Martin Luther nailed 95 Theses for all to see He nailed it to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg so people would start talking about indulgences. He did not like them.
Heretic 5th Aug, 1518 Martin Luther was called a heretic People thought he was against their religion and was a traitor because he had some different beliefs and talked about them and printed them.
800px magellan elcano circumnavigation en svg 1st Jan, 1521 Ferdinand de Magellan was first to sail around the world
Luther%20at%20diet%20of%20worms 26th May, 1521 Martin Luther formally charged They had Diet of worms hearings and decided he was a heretic to church.
Full luther bible 21st Sep, 1522 New Testament of the Bible translated by Martin Luther He translated it into German.
220px katharina von bora 05 1st Jan, 1524 Martin Luther marries Katherina von Bora They have six children after that.
German%20mass 1st Jan, 1525 Martin Luther starts using German language in the mass He wanted people to understand the word of God.
Mighty%20fortress 1st Jan, 1529 Martin Luther wrote hymn " A Mighty Fortress is Our God"
Lutheran%20cross 1st Jan, 1530 Lutheran Churches in Germany Because of Martin Luther and his beliefs that others started to follow, the Lutheran church became the official church in parts of Germany.
Old%20martin%20luther 18th Feb, 1546 Martin Luther dies of natural causes He died in Eisleben, Germany where he was born.
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1st Jan, 1420
31st Dec, 1550
Events during life of Martin Luther