Eli Whitney

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Timeline Born Eli Whitney Jr. was born in Westborough, Massachusetts to Eli Whitney and Elizabeth Fay.
Timeline Acceptence to Yale College Eli attended Yale College- now called Yale University
Timeline Eli Inspired First cotton mill in the U.S. which started the cotton industryin the US.This inspired Whitney to invent the cotton gin.
Timeline Eli Goes South Eli Whitney went south to teach and study law
Timeline Eli notices cotton industry When Whitney went to the south, he noticed that cotton was very important. He saw how hard it was to separate the seeds from the cotton
Timeline Cotton Gin Invented Eli Whitney invents a revaloutuionary cotton seperater
Timeline Eli gets contracted to make 10,000 muskets by the year 1800 Eli Whitney was asked to make 10,000 muskets for the new United States army.
Timeline Eli gets married He married Henrietta Frances Edwards, who was from Bridgeport, Connecticut and they had three girls and one boy.
Timeline Eli's Death Eli Whitney passes away after a life of fame and different encounters
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Important days in Eli Whitney's Life

Revolutionary War when he was 14, Whitney manufactured and sold nails, which were rare at the time.