Digital Revolution

Timeline created by Riley Olson in Science and Technology
Event Date: Event Title: Event Description:
Timeline Konrad Zuse completes and sells the Z4 becoming the first commercial computer
Timeline Dr. Robert Adler invents the first cordless remote control
Timeline 2000 computers in use in the U.S.
Timeline Steve Russell creates "Space War!", the first game intended for computers
Timeline The first laser printer is developed at Xerox PARC
Timeline The first 8'' floppy diskette drive is introduced
Timeline Hewlett Packard introduces the HP-85
Timeline the first tandy color computer is introduced
Timeline Microsoft eceeds $1 billion in sales and becomes the first company to do so
Timeline Microsoft introduces Windows 3.1
Timeline 51% of households own computers
Timeline Population of the internet reached 1 billion
Timeline Apple introduces the iPhone 4
Timeline Newscorp sells MySpace to Specific Media L.L.C for 35 million dollars