Digital Revolution

Timeline created by Riley Olson
  • Konrad Zuse completes and sells the Z4 becoming the first commercial computer

  • Dr. Robert Adler invents the first cordless remote control

  • 2000 computers in use in the U.S.

  • Steve Russell creates "Space War!", the first game intended for computers

  • The first laser printer is developed at Xerox PARC

  • The first 8'' floppy diskette drive is introduced

  • Hewlett Packard introduces the HP-85

  • the first tandy color computer is introduced

  • Microsoft eceeds $1 billion in sales and becomes the first company to do so

  • Microsoft introduces Windows 3.1

  • 51% of households own computers

  • Population of the internet reached 1 billion

  • Apple introduces the iPhone 4

  • Newscorp sells MySpace to Specific Media L.L.C for 35 million dollars