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Timeline small square Developed female organs (Biosocial) In the first three months I developed female reproductive organs because I did not have the Y chromosome that commands the development of male sex organs.
Timeline small square I am able to recognize my mothers voice (Psychosocial) At about 23 weeks my hearing was fully developed and I was able to recognize the sound of my mothers voice.
Timeline small square All Parts of my Brain are formed (Cognitive) By 36 weeks or Full term all parts of my brain had been formed and the different parts are visible. Also the number of brain cells are still increasing.
Timeline small square Birth I was born on a Monday in 1992 at 5:22 pm.
Timeline small square Height and Weight (Biosocial) I weighed 11 lbs 6 oz and was 22 in long
Timeline small square Formed bonds with my two older sisters (Psychosocial) I was able to identify my sisters and love them because they took care of me and played with me.
Timeline small square Learned to Crawl (biosocial) I learned to get around the house by crawling on my hands and knees.
Timeline small square First Words (Cognitive) My first word was Mama
Timeline small square Learned to Walk (Biosocial)
Timeline small square Moved to Livonia MI (Psychosocial) I was born in Buffalo, NY and that is where we lived for the first two years of my life, but we had to move to Michigan because of my Dad's work.
Timeline small square Learned how to walk up the stairs (Biosocial)
Timeline small square I became Potty-Trained (Cognitive) I had to learn how to use the bathroom and this toook a lot of time and hard worrk. I really had to listen to my brain when it told me it was time to go to the bathroom.
Timeline small square Learned how to write and draw (cognitive) I was able to draw with a pencil, even though the figures were very messy and hard to interpret.
Timeline small square Was able to speak in full sentences (cognitive)
Timeline small square Learned to throw a ball (Biosocial) I was finally able to focus enough to throw the ball to a person that wan't to far away from me.
Timeline small square I was finally able to Dress myself (Biosocial)
Timeline small square Made my first bestfriend (psychosocial) I became really good friends with a little girl that lived down the street from me, her name was Emily.
Timeline small square First Day of Kindergarten (Cognitive) I was so excited to go to the same school as my sisters, even if it was only for half the day.
Timeline small square Learned to Read (cognitive) I was finally able to read words and short sentences.
Timeline small square Little sister was born (psychosocial) I now became an older sister and instead of being the baby in the family, I joined my other sister with sharing the role of the middle child.
Timeline small square Played TeeBall (Biosocial) This was my first time playing on a sports team and I loved it!
Timeline small square Learned to ride a Two-Wheel bike (Biosocial) I was so excited because I always saw my older sisters riding with no training wheels and I wanted to be just like them.
Timeline small square I was the Tallest girl in my Class (Biosocial) Although I was always the tallest girl in class, this was the first year that it occured.
Timeline small square Learned how to Tie my shoes (Biosocial)
Timeline small square Played on my first Basketball Team (Biosocial) This was the first point in my life when I found out that I really wanted to play sports and be athletic.
Timeline small square Performed in the schools Talent Show (Biosocial) This was the first time I ever got to perform in front of a large group of people and I wasn't even nervous.
Timeline small square Got my first all A's report card (Cognitive) I got all A's on my first grade report card, the first of many.
Timeline small square Found out what type of Friends I liked to surrond myself with (Psychosocial) Previously I talked to everyone, but as I got older I started to discover the type of people that I wanted to be friends with.
Timeline small square Moved to a New house in Livonia (Psychosocial) This was psychosocial because it affected my friendships with the neighbor kids that I used to play with.
Timeline small square Went to Middle School (Psychosocial) Finally was able to move out of elementary school and meet a lot of new people.
Timeline small square Won Catholic Basketball League Championship (Psychosocial) This helped secure my thoughts that I wanted to continue playing basketball for the rest of my life.
Timeline small square Got into CAPA (Psychosocial) I was so excited to get into the Creative And Performing Arts program at Churchill High School even though it meant going to a different school than my friends.
Timeline small square Graduated Middle School (Cognitive) This was hard for me because middle school was one of the best times of my life. I was the school president and I knew everyone so it was hard for me to leave all the things I was comfortable with and go somewhere new.
Timeline small square Went to High School (Psychosocial) This was a new experience for me because I went to a different high school than all of my friends.
Timeline small square First High School dance (Psychosocial) This was one of the first school programs that I had attended and it helped me identify that I wanted to join Studet Government and help put the dances on.
Timeline small square Started Puberty (Biosocial) In my eyes I finally became a woman!
Timeline small square Fractured my Arm (Biosocial) My arm got slammed in a trunk while I was trying to hold in the suitcases that were going to fall out.
Timeline small square First Musical Performance (Psychosocial) This helped me determine that I wanted theatre to play a major role in my life and help me determine my identity.
Timeline small square Learned to Drive (Psychosocial) Although I started to learn late because of all the activities I was involved in, it is definitely a big part of finding my identity because it allowed me some independence.
Timeline small square Made my Confirmation (Psychosocial) Confirmed my faith
Timeline small square Joined National Honors Society (Cognitive)
Timeline small square First Date (Psychosocial)
Timeline small square Last Growth Spurt (Biosocial) Reached my final height of 6 feet 1 inch
Timeline small square Graduated High School (Cognitive) I graduated from high school suma cum laude, a member of National Honors Society, and a member of the Thespian Honors Sociecty.
Timeline small square Decided on a Major (Cognitive) I decided that I wanted to get my degree in nursing with a minor in psychology.
Timeline small square Grand Valley State University (Cognitive) I attend Grand Valley State University inorder to attain the degree I want.
Timeline small square Continued to go to Church (Cognitive) Even though my parents weren't there to force me to go to Church I continued to go while I was at school because I found it to be right for me.
Timeline small square Started Weight Watchers (Biosocial) I started to actually care about my weight and wanting to lower it inorder to be healthy and form healthy habits.
Timeline small square Became a Resident Assistant (Psychosocial)
Timeline small square Go Sky Diving (Biosocial) I would love to take a risk and go Sky diving one time before I get too old.
Timeline small square Graduate College (Cognitive) Hopefully if everything goes as plans I will be graduating from college in the spring of 2014.
Timeline small square Get a Job (Psychosocial) Hopefully I will be able to find a Job when I finish school and be able to start working as soon as possible.
Timeline small square Identity Achieved (psychosocial) After years of trying to figure out who I was, I will finally know what I was put on this earth to do.
Timeline small square Find Love (Psychosocial) Hopefully I will be in a committed relationship and find love.
Timeline small square Get Married (Psychosocial) Get married to the love of my life and be with them until I die.
Timeline small square Get Docotor of Nursing Practitioner degree (Cognitive) Continue on with my education inorder to get a higher degree.
Timeline small square Start a Family (Psychosocial) Have my first kid after being married for a year and then continue to help my family grow.
Timeline small square Not Smoke (Biosocial) I will never smoke because I realize how important it is to stay healthy.
Timeline small square Keep Exercising (Biosocial) Even though I may not want to, I will try to continue exercising because I need to keep my bones and muscles strong.
Timeline small square Employment while raising a family (Psychosocial) Hopefully I will continue to work as I am raising my children or atleast when they start going to school.
Timeline small square Rise to top of Career Ladder (Psychosocial) Hopefully gain the highest position available in my field
Timeline small square Start doing Puzzles (Cognitive) As I continue to age, I will start to do puzzles that will help keep my mind in working order.
Timeline small square Menopause (Biosocial) Start going through Menopause
Timeline small square Renew Vows (Psychosocial) Renew vows with my husband for our 30th anniversary
Timeline small square Join Mall Walking Club (Biosocial) I will start to walk the mall with some of my older friends to ensure I get exercise in my old age.
Timeline small square Retire from my Job (Psychosocial) I will retire from the Hospital and learn to enjoy life without work.
Timeline small square Take classes at local college (Cognitive) I will try to keep busy and keep exercising my mind inorder to stay sharp.
Timeline small square Become involved with the Church (Psychosocial) Inorder to stay involved with something I will become more involved with my church. All my life God has been there for me so it is all I can do to volunteer my time for him.
Timeline small square Look at old scrapbooks (Cognitive) Inorder to keep my memory, I will look at old pictures and try to remeber names, places, and the memories that go along with them.
Timeline small square Death of Friends (Psychosocial) My friends will begin dying and I will go to their funerals.
Timeline small square Celebrate 50th Wedding Anniversary (Psychosocial) I will live a nice, long, and happy life with my husband.
Timeline small square Stop Driving (Biosocial) Because my reaction time and brain are slower than they used to be I will stop driving inorder to keep myself and others safe.
Timeline small square Family Care (Psychosocial) My daughter will occasionally check in on me and my husband 3 times a week to make sure everything is going well and we are doing good.
Timeline small square Death According to the Life Expectancy Calculator I will die when I am 91 years old.
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