Dairy of a wimpy kid the last straw

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Greg Diary of a wimpy kid the last straw This book is about a kid called greg. His dad trys to ship Greg off to spag union so he joins the boy scouts so he can quit soccer and proof to his dad that he dosnt have to go to spag union.
Why i hate school why I hate school This book is about a Boy called Michael who makes a book about why he hates school and even why he hates A Girl called Sharon Cramshaw until they get paired up together to do a work project
Machine gunners Machine gunners In this book A boy called Chas makes a gang and a fortress, they shoot down german air fighters with there machine gun.
Rodrik diary of a wimpy kid Rodrik rules In this book Rodrick (Gregs brother) finds out that Greg has been writing in a diary and if Greg spreds a tale about Rodrick, Rodrick will tell everyone that Gregs been writing in a diary.