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Cuban Missile Crises

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U 2 Assembling of Missiles in Cuba
Kennedy and khrushchev wl400 Appeal to Kennedy and Executive Community
2012 09 21 jfk and gromyko1 Kennedy Meets Andrei Gromyko Andrei states
- that the missiles are not offensive weapons
- only used for the missiles are for defence
- People see it as a deadly threat that could lead to WWIII
- Krushchev probably tells him otherwise in order to cover up their use of missiles
St a26 25 62 widecrop Decisions to Avoid Conflict with Soviet Union
Url Agreement and Speech to Public
Cuban missiles khrushchev letter m Krushchev Responds to Kennedy's Administration
13 Kennedy Answers
121015023142 02 cuban missile 1015 horizontal gallery Krushchev Tries to Reason
Russia u 2 spy plane 2010 4 30 11 11 3 Turning Point of Conflict
Xeu6b.wiph2.91 Agreement and Hidden Purposes
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Cuban Missile Crises