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Cold War Presidents

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220px harry truman small square Truman Becomes President
Timeline small square Containment Policy This made the U.S. resist Soviet attempts at comunist governments around the world.
Timeline small square Loyalty Program System to seek out Americans who were communists
Truman doctrine small square Truman Doctrine It called on the U.S. to take a leadership role in the world.
73 2522 illust small square The Marshall Plan After W.W.II. Europe was destroyed, this plan was a program to help them recover economically. The U.S. did this so they could keep a strong democracy in Europe for the U.S. benefit.
4ea967077cf0b4fa707a3e41518114f6 1m.png small square Berlin Airlift Soviet Union placed a blockade to the West. The Berlin Airlift provided goods to West Berlin.
220px harry truman small square Truman is re-elected
Dod sealsm small square National Security Act Amendment Establishes department of defense
200px nato flag.svg small square North American Pact Provided military assistance between countries, and is also known as NATO
Korwar map2 small square Korean War Begins
7082 2 small square Truman signs Mutual Security Act Provided foreign and economic aid
G71910 u42349 dwight eisenhower picture 1 small square Dwight D. Eisenhower Inaugurated as President Inaugurated as 34th President of the United States of America
Stalin small square Josef Stalin Dies
Ridgeway%20signs%20armistice small square Korean Armistice Agreement Signing The signing of the treaty ends the Korean War
Soviethydrogentest small square Soviets test the h-bomb
250px ss 571 nautilus trials small square First Nuclear Submarine Launched The U.S. launches the first nuclear submarine, USS Nautilus
Bikini%20atoll%20bomb1151094771 small square Nuclear Tests The U.S. tests a nuclear device in the Pacific.
Sickle hammer small square Communist Party Banned in the U.S.
Nato%20map small square West Germany joins NATO
Timeline small square U-2 Spy Planes Approved Eisenhower approves the building of the U-2 spy planes to use against the Soviets
Wholemap small square Warsaw Pact created Treaty for the Communist parties during the Cold War
U21 small square Eisenhower approves U-2 spy planes to fly over Soviet Union
Timeline small square "Open Skies Proposal" Allows mutal air travel over each nations military bases between U.S. and the Soviet Union, Soviets deny it
Timeline small square Signs Eisenhower Doctrine Authorizes use of U.S. force to assist Middle East nations.
Sputnik 1 small square Sputnik (U.S.S.R.) Soviet's launch first earth satellite
Explorer1 small square Explorer I (U.S.) First U.S. satellite into orbit
Nasa logo small square National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958 NASA is created
Evt091217095600222 small square U.S.S.R. shoots down a U-2 Plane
Kennedy john f  small square Kennedy Becomes President
Peace corps 0 small square Peace Corps is created U.S. provides support to developing countries
Timeline small square Bay of Pigs Invasion U.S. invades Cuba to overthrow Castro but he stops our forces.
Moon watching night 100916 02 small square Kennedy sets goal for man on the moon Sets goal to land on moon before 1970
250px john kennedy, nikita khrushchev 1961 small square Khruschchev threatens to cut off West Threatens he'll cut off Allied access to West Berlin
Timeline small square Military build up Kennedy comes up with a plan to build up their army in Germany
Fall of the berlin wall small square Berlin Wall Put up by Khrushchev
Timeline small square Endorses disarmament of nuclear weapons Challenges Soviet Union to a peace race, "If you get rid of 10, I'll get rid of 10"
Timeline small square Kennedy sends troops to S. Vietnam
Armwrestling small square Cuban Missle Crisis U.S. spy planes detect construction of Soviet Union nuclear missles and leads to naval quarentine.
Ho%20chi%20minh small square Ho Chi Minh (N. Korea) Promises guerilla war if necessary
Timeline small square Test Ban Treaty Kennedy signs this and agrees to not test nuclear weapons.
J24 small square JFK Assasinated
Timeline small square Lyndon Johnson takes over office
Timeline small square Civil Rights Act Johnson signs this, eliminating discrimination by race, color, sex, or religion.
Timeline small square Gulf Of Tonkin Johnson used this incident to deepen American involvment in Vietnam
Timeline small square Started a gradual military escalation
Timeline small square Johnson Elected President
Timeline small square Delivers "Peace without conquest" in Southeast Asia
Timeline small square Vietnam Troops Johnson icreases troops in Vietnam from 75,000 to 125,000
Timeline small square Treaty on Space Apollo 1 crew members die after the signing of this act
Timeline small square Six Day War War in the Middle East that brought Soviet Premeir Alexsei Kosygin and Lyndon Johnson to communication.
Viet show18 small square March at the Pentagon People that didn't want to continue the Vietnam War protested outside the Pentagon.
Timeline small square Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Signed with 58 other countries to try to stop the spread of nuclear weapons in the world.
Csp b52 small square Cambodian Bombings Nixon orders secret bombings in Cambodia to destroy North Vietnamese supply routes.
Timeline small square Troop Withdrawal Nixon announces 25,000 troops will be coming home from Vietnam, getting replaced by S. Vietnamese troops
Nixon2 small square Nixon/Guam Doctrine U.S. will provide arms and aid to Asian allies.
Timeline small square Silent Majority Speech Nixon says the U.S. will help with getting South Vietnam equiptment and financial aid. Wanted support from the "silent majority" that didn't ever really support him.
800px ford signing accord with brehznev, november 24, 1974 small square Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT) Limited nuclear arms being used across the world
Timeline small square Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Reduced distribution and prooduction of nuclear weapons
Timeline small square Southern Strategy Nixon uses this to win over white southern people since many of the southern people didn't vote for him.
Timeline small square Quadripartite Agreement U.S. Soviet Union, United Kingdom and France signed this to establish trade and travel between West Berlin and West Germany, and East Berlin and West Berlin.
Timeline small square New Approach to China Resolved problems with China because both countries would benefit from being friends, not enemies.
Timeline small square First Watergate Burglary Nixon tries breaking into Democrat headquarters at Watergate.
Timeline small square Second Watergate Burglary Republican's try to break into Democrat headquarters once again.
Timeline small square Nixon re-elected
Timeline small square Vietnam Peace Treaty Peace Treaty is signed to end the Vietnam War
Timeline small square Nixon Advisors Resign Nixon's top advisors resign due to the Watergate scandal occuring.
Timeline small square Impeachment Hearings Begin Due to the Watergate scandal, impeachment talks for Nixon begin to be televised.
Timeline small square Nixon Resigns
2fd8018e04aaa69bb2829d175ec68f88 1m small square Ford meets with General Secretary of the U.S.S.R.
Timeline small square Adding Troops Congress rejects Ford's offer to send more troops to help South Vietnam
Usnp003 1hb7iju small square Vietnam War Ends War ends, U.S. withdrawls their troops
200px nato flag.svg small square NATO Summit Ford goes to Europe to attend a summit meeting with Spain, Italy and Austria
Timeline small square Ford visits West Germany Goes here for a mission of peace and progress
Timeline small square Camp David Accords It's negotiations between the Israeli Prime Minister and Egypt's Prime Minister, producing a framework for peace in the Middle East.
Timeline small square SALT II Negotiations Strategic Arms Limititation Talk II is limiting each nation's strategic weapons.
Afghanistan small square U.S.S.R. invade Afganistan Wanted to install Soviet backed leaders.
450px jimmy carter library and museum 98 small square Carter Doctrine Designated all Soviet military interference in the Middle East a threat to the U.S. national security.
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Cold War Presidents