Cold War

Timeline created by taylorlacour2
  • china becomes a republic

  • Nationalist party of India will have non violent demonstrations

    led by Nehru and Ghandi
  • Parliment will pass the Government of India Act

    all more democratic elections, Jinna- leader of a Muslim league becomes worried that the nationalist party would disregared religion if they came to power.
  • Marshall plan

    This will just ba aid on a GIANT scale inorder to fight against communism
    Truman offers money for any country who is not communist
    13 million dollars was devoted to aiding countries and giving them money to start a democratic/ capitalist gov.
  • Revolutions in Greece and Turkey

    the communists were being aided by the USSR
  • post 1947 India

    advanced in tech with economic potential but very poor
    Nehru- first prime minister until 1964--> Parlimentary Democracy
  • Truman doctrine

    The US assits free people(countries)who are fighting against outside pressure or minorities--> which mean they will fight against soviets
  • Mountbatten will agree to split india into Pakistan (East and West) and India

    Pakistan is a Muslim state and India is a non associated to religion state, this led to mass migrations and segregation between the different people within india and pakistan
  • Berlin

    US will back up German currency with their money. Stalin didnt want Germany to build back up to a stable country. Stalin will completley close off West Germany and the US will have to fly in supplies to the citizens.
  • Germany will be split into West Germany and East Germany

    Berlin is the capital of Eastern Germany and Bonn is the capital of West Germany
  • NATO created

    North Atlantic treaty orginization. purley made to stop the spread of communism into the West
  • Taiwan is the safe heaven for Nationalist party

    the nationalist party, although they lost the war will keep relations with the UN and will take Chinas place in the security council
  • Both sides will have detained a hydrogen bomb

  • Stalin dies

  • Austra becomes a neutral nations after Stalins death

    Stalins death allowed a little of freedom within the Warsaw pact and eastern european countries --> Austria opted out and would be considered a neutral state
  • Krushchev takes power

  • Algerian War

    Algeria was important for France becuase it had recorces and it had alot of French citizens living in the colony, Very intense war, massive divisions were created in the French gov., and millions of French-algerian people migrated to France
  • Warsaw Pact

    Stalin forces all communist countries to join a treaty that allows the USSR power and control of the countries. This is a Russian response to NATO.
  • Krushchev denounces the belifes of Stalinism

    there were major shifts in policies that contradict many of stalins belifes. He wants to move forward from Stalinism and create a more modern USSR
    He denouces the abuse of power--> will allow a little more artistic and literary expression, lightens up on forced labor, and introduces a space program.
  • Poland takes advantage of new reforms

    Polish workers will go on strike and in turn a moderate was elected for office, they will stop collectivization, and impove relations with the Catholic Church. The soviets did not interfere with these changes
  • Hungary try to take advantage as well

    Inspired by the Polish they will elect a moderate who implements economic and political reform, and wants to leave the Warsaw Pact, this will not be recieved well by the Soviets, they will invade Hungary and squash the moderated movement.
  • 100 flowers bloom movement

    Ideas were able to be shared with the gov (mostly by student and the well enducated/wealthy), It was a time for reflection: people were not happy, intellectuals and minorities will speak out, completle faliure
  • Ghana is the first colony to win independence

    made way for other colonies to want independence
  • Great Leap Forward

    Will have economic change and work to industialize, industrial bases were set up all around China HUGE FAILIURE: Massive famine, 30+ million died
  • Policy of moderation

    this will result in growth of industry, Chinese by the end of the 1960s will end up as one of the top 10 world industrial leaders.
  • Mao has become worried that China has drifted to far from communism

  • Kennedy elected

  • Boy of Pigs Fiasco

    A failed plan to overturn the Castro communists
    American will end up supporting any democratic government in South america to counteract the communists
  • Berlin wall built

    Used to completley seperate the Soviets (USSR controlled Germany) from any Western Influence
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    Silos were constructed in Cuba by the Soviets that the US though contained Missiles so in October the US told the Soviets that they needed to withdraw any weapon build up from Cuba
  • American build up of missiles in Turkey

    Nuclear band put inorder to stop the excessive build up of nuclear weapons
  • Soviets and Chinese border disputes

  • ping-pong diplomacy

    US opened relations with china through ping-pong
  • East and West Pakistan go to war

    Eastern Pkistan will seperate and become Bengladesh
  • Premiere and Mao die

    there is a power struggle for the next 2 1/2 years, Deng Xiao Ping wins over JinagJin(maos wife)
  • Deng Revolution

    Many students were sent to study abroad and when they returned they protested the way of life in communist China, these protest will allow tade investments, and bring in the stock market
  • Tiananmen Square

    Student protestors marched in the square and the army responded with gun shots into the crowds- Political repression
  • Period: to

    Two chinese political groups emerge

    Communists- Mao Zedong, North west China based, and they were aided by the USSR

    Nationalists- Jiang Jieshi, South East China Based, and they were aided by the Western Powers(US, Britain, France)
  • Period: to

    Chinese Civil War

    Nationalists vs. Communists
  • Period: to

    Japanese Invasion

    This will halt the civil war, Mao and the communists will move into a position of power, and will be able to fight off the Japanese to some extent but never push them completley out of China
  • Period: to

    WWII begins

    India is an important colony for brits and they will not allow for india to be liberated during the war
  • Period: to

    Soviets and US were at this time withdrawing from Korea

    North Korea- headed by Kim Il Sung--> invades south korea
    South Korea- headed by Syngam Rhee--> UN will put an army together that will protect SK headed by Macarthur, they will be able to push up korea. Settle on the 38th parallel and will never sign a peace agreement.
  • Period: to

    1945 till 1947 india

    Atlee is elected Prime minister- he needed to restructure india, Moutbatten is the last viceroy of India
    - had to choose between a secular India(Ghandi and Nehru) or a seperated India (Jinna and the Muslims)
  • Period: to

    Chinese Civil War (nationalist vs. Communists)

    Game changer for the far east
  • Period: to

    Chinese Civil War resumes

    Mao and the Communsits will win the war, they will denounce, monarch, western influence, capitalism, confucanism
  • Period: to

    Containment Policy

    US policy created by George Kennan, it was made inorder to stop the spread of communism and try to convice smaller countries to turn towards democracy instead of communism after WWII.
  • Period: to

    Accepts aid from China

    neutral in the Cold war so they were able to trade with both sides, border dispute with china near tibet briefly
  • Period: to

    CCP will start the reforms with land and political reforms

    Chinece CCP will model themselves after the USSR until 1953, it will be a one party state, collectivization, and the speak bitterness plan, where thousands of people will be beaten and killed if they do not agree with the beleifs of the CCP
  • Period: to


    After 1945 Vietnam had been a french colony, headed by Ho Cho Minh, a communist and Vietnamese Nationalist, wanted to liberate the country
  • Period: to

    Five Year Plan (China)

    Concentrated heavily on industry and communes(25,000 people in each commune)
  • Period: to

    Progressive decolonization/ freedom of colonies in Africa

    French would give a choice to colonies for independence or to remain a colony
  • Period: to

    Chinese drought

  • Period: to

    Mao became sick, premiere tried to persuade Mao to reliquish some control on China

  • Period: to

    Cultural Revolution

    Mao will purge 2/3 of the communist party, and bring back the origins of communist china, he only allowed his thoughts and books to be published, all music and art was banned, anything seen as indulgent was banned, Red Guard was created: small children were taught to rat out any adults that they thought were against the communist party