Cleopatra's Life

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Feb 8th, 1043
Cicero Dies It is said that when Cleopatra was a child, she met Cicero, a great defender in court. What we would call a modern day lawyer. Cleopatra was said to be facinated by this man with such a readiness to defend, or prosocute. Also Cicero pleaded a case against Cleopatra and her father when they were in Rome.
Cleopatra meets caesar
Jan 1st, 1048
Cleopatra meets Caesar Cleopatra snuck herself into Caesar's study, by having herself rolled up into a carpet, and having it delivered to him.
Cleopatra s younger brother  and 1st husband
Jan 1st, 1051
Cleopatra marries her brother Cleopatra married her brother after her father died, she became Pharoah and ruled Alexandria with her twelve year old brother/husband.
Ptolemy xii
Jan 1st, 1051
Cleopatra's father dies When the king of Egypt, died he left Cleopatra the throne, she then became Pharoah herself, with her brother. Cleopatra's mother's identity is not known, so Cleopatra was left with no parent to help and guide her.
Feb 8th, 1056
Cleopatra's sister is killed Cleopatra's eldest sister, Cleopatra VI was killed supposedly by her other sister Bernice, and then while Cleopatra were still in Rome, she declaired herself Pharoah, and ruled until the real king of Egypt, King Potolemy XII returned with Cleopatra.
Jan 1st, 1057
Cleopatra Goes To Rome Cleopatra was in Rome for aproximately two years, from when she was twelve, to when she was fourteen. She became quite fluent in their language (latin) and so she was able to speak to officials easily, where her father could not.
Origional cleopatra
Aug 12th, 1069
Cleopatra's Birth Cleopatra's birth was on August 12th 69 BCE. She was born in the Egyptian city, Alexandria.
Clepopatra ships
Jan 1st, 1107
Cleopatra and Antony Lead Ships From Egypt Cleopatra and Marc Antony lead a bunch of Egyptian ships to Rome. There fleet was crushed however, and shortly after this Antony commits suicide.
Cleopatra s death
Feb 3rd, 1108
Cleopatra's Death It took place while Claopatra was captured by the Romans, and was going to be "displayed" to show Roman's capture. However, she killed herself (using an asp-egyptian cobra) before they reached Rome.
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Feb 17th, 1057

Feb 17th, 1108
Cleopatra's Impact
Aug 14th, 1069

Jan 1st, 1108
Cleopatra's Time All of these dates should be thought of as "BCE".