Classroom Calendar for 2012

Timeline created by alyssa blocker
  • Proper Classroom Etequite

    My classroom will learn the impotance of classroom etiquite. They will learn etiquite such as answering questions when called on and cleaning up.
  • Tieing Shoes

    The class will learn how to tie their shoes with fun games!
  • Show and Tell

    The students will bring their favorite book, animal, etc and show it to the class.
  • Working Out!

    The class will work out with dance moves! We want to advoacte being healthy!
  • Reading with St. Patrick Month

    Our class will read books dedicated to St. Patricks's Day
  • End of the Month Book Fair

    Our class will have a book fair for the whole school to participate in
  • Learning about Animals

    Our class will learn interesting facts about different kinds of animals
  • Trip to the Zoo

    Our class will take what they have learned about animals and use that knowledge at our field trip!
  • Parent's Day

    The parents will come to our classroom for the day and we will entertain our guests!
  • Last Day of School

    I will say good-bye to my outstanding class!