Civil War- 1800-1877

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Timeline United states won independace from britain
Timeline Founding Fathers struggled to frame a constition
Timeline 11 free and 11 slave states
Timeline Missouri Compromise -Missouri would be admited a a slave state
-Maine was to be admitted as a free state
- No furter slavery would be acepted north of the Mason-Dixon line.
Timeline territory of Missoui applied to be apart of the union as a slave state. the northerners were against this as it would be 12 on 11
Timeline conflict sparked the gold rush territory of california admitted as a free.
Timeline 'Uncle Toms Cabin' best seller about a ruthless slave owner Simon Legree and his kindhearted slave uncle tom
Timeline Missouri Compromise was challenged. Congress passed the Kansas-Nebraska Bill. the territories of Kansas and Nebraska lay to the north of the mason dixon line and yet were given the right to vote to follow freedom or slavery.
Timeline Northerners were outraged and 'Bleeding Kansas' became a rallying crying for both pro and anti-slavery.
Timeline Kansas Nebraska act appeared as a victory for the northern slave states
Timeline tensions increased, debate intensified when a southern-dominated supreme court ruled that congress had no rights to prhibit slavery in the territories. Case of Dred Scott
Timeline newspaper reported a rrain on government weapons, John brown a slavery abolitionist intended to distribute weapons to runaway slaves.
Timeline The issue of slavery domintaed the presidential campaigns.
Timeline South Carolina broke away from the union. Called Secession. Catastrophe for America.
Timeline Abraham Lincoln elected as the 16th president.
Timeline By feb the six cotton states had follwed and set up a new nation.
Timeline Fort Sumter surrended. Fort Sumter in south carolina refused to surrender to the confederates.
Timeline CIVIL WAR BEGUN : Lincoln called for army vollunteers and ordered the navy to blakade the southern ports.
Timeline Lincoln declared all slaves free if they becam members of the union army. about 180 000 african americans fought. approx. 38 000 died
Timeline END OF CIVIL WAR one quarter of the soldiers who saw combat did not survive.
Timeline Lincoln made his second inaugural speech as president. He expressed the need for reconciliation.
Timeline General Robert E lee surrended. the war between the yakees and confederates came to an end. war cost over 625000 lives and approx 20 billion
Timeline Lincoln was assasinated by an actor John Wilkes Booth. Andrew Johnson became president.
Timeline Reconstruction Acts of 1867-1868 placed south under military rule until new constitutions were drawn.
Timeline 1868-1877 16 african american elected to the house of reps and two to the senates.
Timeline The confederate states of america(six cotton states) elected Jefferson Davis as there president. Confederate states: issued there own money, raised there own flag and collected their own taxes.