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Marco polo
Jan 1st, 1298
Marco Polo writes Oriente Poloano. When Christopher Columbus read about the explorations of Marco Polo, he was inspired to travel to Asia and make money. Instead of traveling by land, Columbus decided to travel by sea. He believed, unlike most others at this time, that the world was round and if he traveled west from Europe he would reach Asia soon. What he didn't realize was that there would be two huge continents blocking his way. Marco's book about his explorations was the reason Columbus tried to find a sea route to Asia.
Aug 22nd, 1451
Christopher Columbus was born. Christopher Columbus was born in 1451, in Genoa, Italy. He was the oldest child of Domenico Colombo, a wool merchant, and Susanna Fontanarossa, the daughter of a wool merchant. He had three younger brothers (Bartolomeo, Giovanni Pellegrino, and Giacomo) and a younger sister (Bianchinetta). He is also known as Cristoforo Colombo and Crostóbal Colón.
Italy savona
Jan 1st, 1470
Moving to Savona, Italy Moving to Savona was when Christopher Columbus started to sail. He would travel the seas as a pirate and steal/attack the ships that belonged to the Moors. This is how he helped out during the Reconquista. The Reconquista was one of the earliest dates where Christopher Columbus started sailing. Savona, Italy was where Christopher Columbus, one of the greatest explorers, took his first sailing trip.
Earth is flat
Jan 1st, 1474
The Earth is Round? “When Columbus lived, people thought that the earth was flat. They believed the Atlantic Ocean to be filled with monsters large enough to devour their ships, and with fearful waterfalls over which their frail vessels would plunge to destruction. Columbus had to fight these foolish beliefs in order to get men to sail with him. He felt sure the earth was round.”
-Emma Miler Bolenius, American Schoolbook Author, 1919
Jan 1st, 1476
Shipwrecked at Battle. Columbus traveled to Libson, Portugal in 1476. Unfortunately, while traveling, the ship is attacked by the French. While most people drown, Columbus swims 6 miles to the shore and makes his way to Libson. The journey nearly cost him his life. He lived with his brother, who works in Libson, and has a book and map store. Columbus read many books and maps until he was an expert at navigation and shipbuilding himself. He later uses these tips when traveling on his voyages to the new world.
Wife f columbus
Jan 1st, 1479
Christoper Columbus marries Felipa Perestrello Moniz Christopher Columbus's first wife, Felipa, was another inspiration for him to find a trade route to Asia. Her father was an explorer who discovered the Madeira Islands. When her father passed away, Felipa gave his charts to her husband. These charts showed the winds and currents of the Portuguese possessions in the Atlantic. Felipa affected Columbus's life by motivating him to travel and find a sea route to Asia. Sadly, she was only married to Columbus for five years when she died in 1484.
Columbus's son
Dec 8th, 1480
Diego Colon Columbus is born. Diego Colon is the first son of Columbus and Felipa. He was the 2nd Admiral of the Indies, 2nd Viceroy of the Indies and 3rd Governor of the Indies. Diego spent most of his adult life trying to gain titles and privileges that his father had gotten. He married María de Toledo y Rojas, King Ferdinand's cousin. He came with Columbus on his First Voyage to the Americas. He helped his father out in difficult situations. He was the 2nd to gain the title "Admiral of the Indies", next to his father.
May 1st, 1486
Columbus proposes his plan to the King and Queen of Spain. The proposal to the King and Queen of Spain changed the life of Christopher Columbus forever. After proposing to Spain and Portugal twice, Columbus was ready to give up his idea for traveling West; but then the approval of the monarchs of Spain made him the great explorer he was. Queen Isabella is the person to credit for this journey. She wanted to spread Christianity after the Reconquista and believed that traveling to Asia and helping others understand the religion might make them convert.
Jan 1st, 1492
Disease and Mistreating the Indians. The Native Americans died of disease brought by Europeans. Diseases that the Europeans are usually immune to like the yellow fever, malaria, measles, small pox, pneumonia, were highly dangerous and contagious among the Indians. They also started to capture Indians and sell them as slaves. The Indians grew the crops and worked on farms. Columbus was the one that brought Europeans to America. This caused them to fall sick and die. He also tortured the Native Americans and treated them badly.
305px la rendici%c3%b3n de granada
Jan 2nd, 1492
Reconquista Ends. The Reconquista was an 800 year old war between Christians and Muslims. When the war ended, most of the people in Spain, conquistadors, had nothing to do. When Columbus proposed his plan during the Reconquista it was disapproved because the monarchs thought that they could not afford it. After the war ended, Columbus proposed his plan that was set out to find a new sea route to Asia to the king and queen of Spain again. The plan was approved since the war ended and it provided work for soldiers.
Columbus reaches america
Oct 12th, 1492
Columbus reaches America (First Voyage). Christopher Columbus set sail with 3 ships: the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria to find a route to Asia on August 3, 1492. After many hardships on the ocean, the crew wanted to turn back. Just as they were about to, Christopher changed course and followed the birds until he finds land.Columbus reached the tiny island of San Salvador on October 12, 1492.His first settlement made was called Hispaniola.Christopher Columbus had just made one of the most important discoveries in the history of mankind.
Santa maria
Dec 25th, 1492
Santa Maria is shipwrecked. Santa Maria was shipwrecked. There was no room for all of them to return to Spain. Some men had to stay while Columbus set sail to Spain. They made a truce with the Indians living close by. The men would live with the Indians until Columbus would return. When Columbus arrived, the men had disappeared. He asked the Indians and they said that another group of tribes attacked them. Columbus believed them but later it was found that they were killed on purpose because of misbehaving with the women.
Sep 24th, 1493
Columbus's Second Voyage. After his first voyage, Columbus brought back some gold and many Native Americans for the king and queen of Spain. Columbus believed that he reached some tiny islands of Asia and that further exploration was needed. The monarchs agreed to finance another voyage. The mission of this voyage was to expand the settlement and convert the natives to Christianity. They also wanted to obtain God, Gold, and Glory. Columbus was in charge of leading charge of leading 17 ships that contained over 1000 men.
May 30th, 1498
Columbus's Third Voyage. The goal for Christopher Columbus's third voyage was to bring supplies for the settlement and explore further. Columbus decided to split the ships. One headed to Hispaniola containing much needed supplies for the people. The other continued exploring. Christopher Columbus soon fell weak and had to return to Hispaniola where a revolt was taking place. He agreed to the humiliating terms and returned to Spain on October of 1500.
Map before america
Jan 1st, 1500
Age of Discovery The Age of Discovery, also known as the Age of Explorations, is one of the most important ages in the history of our world. This was when we discovered North and South America. This significant time period was when Europeans started exploring the world to look for new trade routes, goods, etc. Some set sail just to learn more about the world. The information and research gained during the Age of Discovery helped people understand the geography of the world better.
Fur trade
Jan 1st, 1500
The Fur Trade The French and many other noticed the profit that Spain was making from the Native Americans. They also decided to set out to become wealthy. France decided to send Verranzano to explore and find a sea route to Asia by traveling west just like Spain. Verranzano sailed up and down the East Coast of America looking for a passage that would take him further west. He could not find one so he returned to France. The French later traveled to Canada and began trading goods for furs.
Oct 1st, 1500
Columbus gets arrested. Columbus promised the settlers at Hispaniola that he would return quickly with supplies. When he did go back, he found out that people were short of food and ready to rebel. Columbus also mistreated and tortured many Native Americans. He raped the women and killed the children. Both him and his brother were arrested and shipped back to Spain as prisoners. Columbus lost all the honor that he had gained when he began his journey.
Book of priveleges by columbus
Jan 1st, 1502
Book of Priveleges was completed. Columbus and his oldest son Diego, published books that included information on his expeditions. The first published was called the Book of Privileges. It was about the benefits and rewards that Columbus was entitled to from the king and queen of Spain. They wrote another book called the Book of Prophecies which was more religious than the first. Columbus used many lines from the Bible to claim that his achievements were part of God’s plan in the history of mankind.
Triangular trade
Jan 1st, 1502
The Triangular Trade. African Americans were enslaved in America as early as 1502. Columbus captured and enslaved many Indians. Later, people used African Americans as slaves because the Indians would die of disease. However, in Africa, people were immune to disease since they too suffered many diseases and after many generations they were naturally immune to many diseases.The triangular trade grew over the next 100 years. People from Europe traded rum for slaves and then came to the Americas to trade for raw goods.
May 11th, 1502
Columbus's Fourth Voyage Columbus set out on his final voyage on May 11, 1502. This time he was determined to find a passage to the Orient. They arrived at Santa Domingo where he asked for access to enter the ports. They were denied access to enter the harbor and they fled the weather to a nearby closed area. Columbus and his men explored Central America but his ships fell apart. They had to stay stranded at Jamaica for one year before heading back to Spain in 1504. This was Columbus's last and most memorable journey.
Columbus old
May 20th, 1506
Christopher Columbus, Date Of Death. Columbus died on May 20, 1506 at the age of 54, He was in Valladolid, Spain when he had died of a heart attack caused by Reiter's Syndrome. This syndrome causes joint swelling, eye disease, and urinary infections. He died believing that he almost reached Asia. What he didn't know when he passed away was that he was far away from reaching Asia. He was known as one of Spain's richest voyagers due to the large amount of gold he found at Hispaniola.