China's One Child Policy

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  • Population

    China had the world's largest population with 300,000 people and possessed just under 20% of the world population
  • Communism

    Communist takeover: After World War 2, Mao Zedong leads Chinese communist revolution and
    comes to power as dictator.
  • Cause and Effects

    Cause and Effects
    (1950-1970) These changes caused China's infant mortality rate to fall significantly and life expectancy to rise from 35 years to 65 years. Population rises to just under 1 billion.
  • Famine

    Food supply falls behind population causing massive famine leading to 30 million deaths.
  • Propaganda

    Propaganda program begins discouraging large families. uses slogan "Late, Long, and Few"
  • Family Planning Policy

    Family Planning Policy
    Mao Zedong creates the "Family Planning Policy", which limits China's Han Ethnic majority to only one child
  • Gendercide epidemic

    Gendercide epidemic
    ultrasounds become available in China, elading to many gender-based abortions.
  • Ratio Issues

    Ratio Issues
    Study shows that China has 32 million more boys under 20 than girls under 20
  • Future Hypothesis

    Future Hypothesis
    Analysts determine that by 2040 China will have only 2 working adults for every retired elder.
  • Announcement

    Despite rumors to the contrary, China announces that the family planning policy will continue for at least another decade
  • 1978-present day

    1978-present day
    (1978-present day) Since its establishment, the Family Planning Policy has prevented an estimated 250 million births.