China's One Child Policy

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Population Population China had the world's largest population with 300,000 people and possessed just under 20% of the world population
Mao%20zedong Communism Communist takeover: After World War 2, Mao Zedong leads Chinese communist revolution and
comes to power as dictator.
China%20population Cause and Effects (1950-1970) These changes caused China's infant mortality rate to fall significantly and life expectancy to rise from 35 years to 65 years. Population rises to just under 1 billion.
Famine Famine Food supply falls behind population causing massive famine leading to 30 million deaths.
Poster Propaganda Propaganda program begins discouraging large families. uses slogan "Late, Long, and Few"
Family%20planning%20policy Family Planning Policy Mao Zedong creates the "Family Planning Policy", which limits China's Han Ethnic majority to only one child
Gendercide Gendercide epidemic ultrasounds become available in China, elading to many gender-based abortions.
Pie%20chart Ratio Issues Study shows that China has 32 million more boys under 20 than girls under 20
Announcement Future Hypothesis Analysts determine that by 2040 China will have only 2 working adults for every retired elder.
Ava Announcement Despite rumors to the contrary, China announces that the family planning policy will continue for at least another decade
Abortion 1978-present day (1978-present day) Since its establishment, the Family Planning Policy has prevented an estimated 250 million births.