China's Criminal Procedure Law Draft Amendment

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Timeline Law amendment's first review The National People's Congress (NPC) Standing Committee of the first reviewed the Criminal Procedure Law.amendment. The Law Committee of the Eleventh National People's Congress started drafting the law amendment at the beginning of year 2009. This is the second time amending the law since 1996.
Timeline End of law amendment's second review The NPC Standing Committee passed the law amendment in the second review
Timeline Submitting the law amendment propossal The General Office of the NPC State Council submitted the proposal to the NPC according to official procedure. The proposal became the draft law amendment to be discussed at the Congress meeting in March
Timeline Final review to the draft law amendment Wang Zhao Guo, Vice-chairperson of the NPC Standing Committee, explained the draft law amendment at the Fifth Session of the Eleventh National People's Congress
Timeline First voting to the draft law amendment Deputies to the NPC voted in favour of the amendment
Timeline Famous Chinese businessman's survey on the law amendment on weibo is deleted Xue Manzi (薛蛮子), an established Chinese investor, posted the question "Should the NPC vote on Article 73 of the proposed revised CPL?" and attempted to make a public poll of responses. More than thousands of people responded to the post and 93% of them voted 'against'. (Source: Human Rights in China) This post is now deleted on weibo.
Timeline Weibo post urging the delay the vote is blocked Chinese research Xiong Wei (熊伟) posted a request for delay of vote for the draft law on weibo. His post was removed from weibo few hours later it was published. (Source: Human Rights in China)
Timeline Second voting to the law amendment Deputies will have a second round of vote to the law amendment at the Congress meeting
Timeline Implementation day The Chinese government will implement the amended Criminal Procedure Law
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Law amendment process