Causes of WW1

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Cartoon1 Triple Alliance is formed. Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy formed the Triple Alliance. The three countries originally agreed to support each other if attacked by either France or Russia.
Morocco First Moroccan Crisis Due to France’s strengthening interests in Morocco, Germany negatively responded but as France was supported by Britain and Russia at the Algericas Conference 1906. This created a diplomatic setback for Germany. This contributed to the causes of WW1 because it was the first major demonstration of this new Triple Alliance.
28490946 Triple Entente was formed. Britain joined Russia and France to form the Triple Entente. These three countries formed together and promised to support eachother if attacked.
300px balkan troubles1 Balkan Crisis Austria wanted to take over Bosnia-Herzegovina. Serbia encouraged by Russia denounced this take over as it threatened Serbia’s independence. Germany supported Austria though war was avoided. This was significant to the causes of WW1 as it began the increasing tension in the Balkans and challenged the major powers Austria-Hungary, Russia and Germany.
Evt100924082900111 Second Moroccan Crisis The Second Moroccan Crisis, also known as the Agadir Crisis, was a reaction caused by the occurrence of the German gunboat, Panther, in the Moroccan port of Agadir on July 1, 1911. It was an attempt to intimidate the French into compensating Germany for certain concessions at the Algericas Conference. Germany dropped the significant hint that the Panther would be withdrawn from Agadir as soon as the French withdrew from Fez.But the move of Panther also sparked hostility with Britain because Ger
Berlin.jpg Balkan Wars Greece, Serbia and Bulgaria formed the Balkan League and attacked Turkey as they believed Turkey was seeking power over the Balkan states once again. Turkey was defeated. In 1913 Bulgaria encouraged by Austria attacked Greece and Serbia and was defeated. This added to the causes of WW1 as it caused more tension between the Balkan States was raised.
Franz ferdinand Assasination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand Archduke Francis Ferdinand, heir to the Austrian throne was assassinated by a terrorist group called the Young Bosnians. This is referred to as the fuse that lit WW1 as it was the event that began the war.
Wilhelmii Blank Cheque. German Kaiser and Chancellor agreed to support Austria in the outbreak of war through the giving of the ‘blank cheque creating a strong alliance.
6691b sulk Ultimatum for Serbia. Austria sends a ultimatum to Serbia which included harsh terms, such as that Austrians official be permitted to enter Serbia to suppress anti-Austrian movements and demands a reply within 48 hours.
No no no no Serbia's Response. Serbia replies and accepts most demands except one that stated Austrian officials could enter Serbia. Austria does not except this. This angers Russia as they support Serbia and notified their opposition to Austria and Austria rejected their threat.
2213134 WW1 Begins. 28 July to 1 August 1914- Austria- Hungary declares war on Serbia. Russia declares mobilisation for war, Germany demands that Russia demobilises. France and Germany mobilise, Germany declares war and WW1 begins.