Cartridge Game Systems

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Event Date: Event Title: Event Description:
Channel%20f Release of the Fairchild Channel F Made by Fairchild.The first game system to use cartridges to store game data.The controler is a stick with a joy stick that could be twisted and pushed. The cartrides are yellow plastic boxes.
Atari%202600 Release of Atari 2600 Made by Atari. The graphics were 8-bit with a limited color scheme, and the sound consisted of different tones of beeps.the controllers were boxes with an 8-direction joystick and a fire button.The cartridges were black boxes.
Odyssey2 Odyssey 2 released in U.S. Made by Magnovox.Its graphics were worse than its competitors, but it still sold well. The cartridges are thin boxes with a handle on the top.the controller resembles that of the Atari 2600.
Intellivision Release of Intelevision in U.S. Made by Mantel. First 16-bit console but it had a limited color scheme. The cartridges are black boxes with a sloped top. Its controller has a number pad and a spinning wheel.
Nes U.S. release of the NES (Nintendo Entertainent System) Made by Nintendo. 8-bit graphics.the game cartridges were grey boxes that go into the system like a VCR. The controllers were box-shaped, had 2 face buttons, a D-pad, and a start and a select button.
Sega%20genesis Sega Genesis released in U.S. Made by Sega. 16-bit graphics. Its game cartridges are rectangular with round-ish sides.Its controllers are boomerang shape with 3 face buttons, a D-pad, and a start button
Super%20nintendo Release of Super Nintendo in U.S. (SNES) Made by Nintendo. 16-Bit graphics. Oval-Shaped controller with 4 face buttons, a D-pad, a start and select button, and 2 shoulder buttons. its cartridges are rectangular grey boxes.
32x Sega 32x release in U.S. Attachment for Sega Genesis. Allow you to play 32x games which have 32-bit graphics. The cartridges look similar to Sega Genesis cartridges.
N64 Release of Nintendo 64 in U.S. (N64) Made by Nintendo. 64-bit graphics. The cartridges are rectangles with a round top. The contollers are M-Shaped and have 2 face buttons, 4 c buttons, a D-pad, a strart button, a control stick, 2 shoulder buttons, and a z button.The last new home console system to use cartridge technology.
Retron3 Retron 3 I can't find exactly when this game system was released but I do know that its just one of the many retro style home console systems that play multiple retro game cartridges. This system plays NES, SNES, and Sega Genesis games.