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Carl Friedrich Gauss

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Cfg Carl Friedrich Gauss is born. On April 30, 1777 Carl Friedrich Gauss is born in Brunswick, Germany. He was born into a poor family..(O'Connor)
Pilgrims Thanksgiving Day On December 18, 1777 was the first national Thanksgiving day in the United States.(History Orb)
Cg Corrcts fathers error. At age three Gauss corrected one of his fathers arithmaticalerrors in a complicated calculation. He also stated the correct answer. Exact date unknown.(Bell 219)
Fr French Revolution In 1787 the French Revolution started in France.Exact date unknown.(History Orb)
Numberedequation6 Arithmetic series. Carl Friedrich Gauss's teacher gave the class a problem of summing the intergers from1 to100 just to keep them busy. Gauss immediatly wrote down the correct answer 5050. He used a formula he found to get the answer. The formula was 1/2(n)(1+n)=S. Exact date unknown.(Weisstein)
George washington 02 First president of the US. On April 30, 1789 George Washington is inaugurated. On this day Washington became the irst president of the United States.(History Orb)
Regular heptadecagon Made heptadecagon. At age 19 Carl Friedrich Gauss made the first heptadecagon. A heptadecagon is a 17 sided polygon.He created this heptadecagon with only a straight edge and a ruler.(Muir 160)
French flag End of French Revolution In 1799 the French revolution had come to an end in France after twelve years. Exact date unknown.(History Orb)
Img51 Method of least squares fitting. Carl Friedrich Gauss at age 24 discovered and developed the method of least squares fitting.This methodf helped Gauss be able to calculate the orbit of the astroid Ceres. He came up with this method 10 years before Legendre, but did not publish it. Exact date unknown.(Weisstein)
Da Published first systematic text book. At age 24 Gauss published his first systematic text book. The name of the book was "Disquistiones Arithmetiae". The book was on the algebraic number theory. Exact date unknown.(Weistein)
Page3 Fundamental theorem of arithmetic. In 1801 Gauss proved the fundamental theorem of arithmetic. The fundamental theorem of arithmetic states that every natural number can be represented as the product of two prime numbers. exact date unknown.(Bell 237)
1833 gausswebertelegraph Sccessful telegraph. Gauss with the help of Wilhelm Weber measured the intensity of magnetic forces. Also they built the first successful telegraph. Gauss then sent telegraphic signals to the neighboring town. Exact date unknown.(Weisstein)
t2ec16hhjiie9qtymbccbqeslw4do!  60 35 First magnetometer. In 1806 Gauss developed the first magnetometer. A magnometer is an instument used to measure the direction and magnetude of the magnetic feild. Exact date unknown.(Bell 247)
Cd Charles Darwin is born. Charles Darwin, a famous scientist, was born in England on Febuary 12, 1809. Darwin is known as one ofthe best scientists.(History Orb)
Flag of california.svg California independence On June 14, 1846 California gained its independence from Mexico.(History Orb)
118 Carl Friedrich Gauss dies. Carl Friedrich Gauss dies on Febuary 23, 1855 in Gottingen, Germany. How he died is still unknown today..(O'Connor)