Captain Nobody (By Nahum G)

Timeline created by ilovepie365
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Timeline Exposition: Background Nedwton Newman is the brother of the quarterback for the High School Football Team. After a game against their rival, Merrimac, his brother, Chris is knocked into a coma.
Timeline Expsition: Setting Appleton Winter Present Time
Timeline Exposition: Characters Newton Newman- Main Character, nobody knows he exists, Captain Nobody
Chris Newman- Star high school football player, Newton's brother
Thumbnail.aspx Rising Action: Conflict His brother gets injured in a game. So he feels ignored as his parents are always in the hospital, taking care of Chris. Newton is alone in the house often.
Unnamed Rising Action 1 He does not have a Holloween Costume so his friends make him one.
Index Rising Action 2 He becomes Captain Nobody! He noticed that part of his costume, the mask, had the initials of his brother, C.N., on it. He used the initial to come up with his name: Captain Nobody!
C  documents%20and%20settings fspeer desktop halloween pumpkin Rising Action 3 They have a fun Holloween.
Bass drum Rising Action 5 Cecil gives CN his first mission: getting a bass drum out of a Dumpster.
Index Rising Action: 4 Newton wears his CN outfit to school. People look at him and laugh.
Jewlery stores 300x300 CLIMAX/TURNING POINT Captain Nobody stops a jewlery thief and almost gets killed.
Highway2 Falling Action 1 Newton is given the high school's mascot, Ferocious, and loses him on the highway. He retrives him but almost gets hit by a car numerous times.
Danger Falling Action 2 Captain Nobody decides being a superhero is too dangerous. He decided to be Newt again. But the next day he takes his costume to school, just in case.
Smiley water tower Falling Action 3 In school, he finds out that Reggie Ratner, the star of the opposing football team, was about to jump off the town water tower.
Pics pantone spray paint 1 Rising Action 5 Captain Nobody takes action. He climbs onto the water tower.
Reggie says that he wasn't going to jump! He was going to spray paint it!
Hospital entrance sign Resolution 1 They both begin climbing down. Newt falls, but somebody had placed an air matress for him to land on. He safely lands on it. But Reggie also falls, and he crushs Newton's Rib cage. They both go into the hospital.
Timeline Resoulution 2 Newtion shares a room with his brother and his brother gets our of his coma!