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Images %2833%29 Date of birth The day Bobby knight was born. He was born Massilion, Ohio
Images %2842%29 Accomplishments 1975 to 1976 Bobby knights team went 32-0
0 PLANNING--Bobby Knight Bobby made sure over the summer that his team ran the offense correctly, so he planned drills and practices over the summer so his team can be ready for the season
Images %2835%29 Decisional-- Chosing the right player He had o negotiate with the kids he wanted to recrute for his team.
Images %2840%29 Technical skills He was an outstanding coach leading his team to many championships and games. He exceeds in this topic.
Images %2834%29 STAFFING--NCAA Championship Bobby Knight recruited the right players and coached his team Indiana Hoosiers to a Championship Coach Knight and Isiah Thomas led there team to the championship.
Images %2841%29 Conceptual Bobby knight had to make the right decisions and the right plays for his team to win important games. And he said the right things to keep there team on there feet.
Images %2843%29 Accomplishments-- U.S Olympics coach In 1984 Bobby Knight coached the U.S mens basketball team for olympic gold. In the picture it is Bobby Knights ring
Images %2833%29 Controlling--- Bobby knight and his tantrum In a gam against purdue Bobby knight didn't like the calls the refs were calling so during a free throw Bobby threw a chair at the refs.
Images %2844%29 Human relations-- Bobby Knight didnt really have people skills. He was a hothead and yelled a lot.
Images %2837%29 Interpersonal Figurehead_-- Bobby knight is a hothead Bobby knight always got his way he was known as a "hothead" someone who has a short temper that gets angry easily.
Images %2835%29 Organizing-- Bobby knight and his gld medal 1987 Bobby knight went to an organized auction and he was selling his olympic gold medal.
Timeline Informational Spkesperson He would talk at confrences and after the basketballl games and talk about how they played and what they need to do.
Images %2841%29 Henry IBA award He received this award for being the best coach of the year.
Images %2845%29 Leading-- Bobby knigt and his way of showing it Bobby knight used to inflict pain to show leadership he would grab them and grab them hard. He did that because he thought it would get them angry and make them play harder
Images %2836%29 Hot temper His hot temper got him fired from Indiana
Images %2841%29 Retired He is alive to this very day and he is 72 years old.
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