Birth of Jesus

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Baby%20jesus Announcement of Jesus' Birth. The angels announce that the Savior of the world was to be born. They come to the shepherds, to Joseph, and to Mary. Later on, the Maji come to worship this newborn king.
Anna%20and%20simeon Jesus' Presentation at the Temple. Anna and Simeon get to see the Savior of the world, as promised to both of them. They know that this is the Christ child because the Spirit came upon them. Anna prophesied to Mary about Jesus' death. Kind of cheezy video, but hey, it gets the point across.
Wise%20men Visit of the Wise Men The Magi come from far away, folliwing the star that would lead them to Jesus' home. This happened when Jesus was about age two.
Egypt Jesus' move to Egypt Warned by an angel, Mary, Joseph and Jesus all move to Egypt to escape the rule of King Herod. They stay there for a while until Herod dies.
Jesus%20nazareth Jesus' move back to Nazareth. After King Herod dies, Jesus and his family move back to Nazareth.
Jesus%20at%20temple Jesus' First Passover Jesus, at age twelve, goes to Jerusalem to Celebrate the Passover festival. His parents left him behing, not knowing that he wasn't with them, only to find him preaching and teaching to the teachers themselves. This went on for about three days.
Jesus%20baptism Jesus' Baptism About to start His public ministry, Jesus goes to John the Baptist. He tells John he wants to be baptized by him, but John says that Jesus should be baptizing Him. A miraculous thing occurs when Jesus is baptized, a dove from heaven appears, and the Heavenly Father speaks about His son, proclaiming His love for Him.
Jesus%20temptation Jesus is Tempted After His baptism, Jesus goes to be alone in the Desert. He is tempted by satan, and resists him using scripture and His love for us. When this is done, satan leaves Him until an opportune time.
Jesus%20and%20nicodemus Jesus' speaks to Nicodemus and the Samaritan Woman Jesus speaks to Nicodemus, a Pharisee, about baptism and being born again. He is confused because he doesn't know how that would've been possible for him. Later on, Jesus goes to a small town, and asks a Samaritan woman to draw water from a well. He tells her about her own life story and she is amazed. He also told her that He was the Messiah, the one to come. She told everyone about Him.
Jesus%20death Jesus' Death Jesus finished His ministry, and is sentenced to die in spite of the fact that He never did anything wrong His entire life. On the cross, he struggles to get a breath in. He says seven different things, a reference to the completeness of His ministry and life. He gives up his spirit. The temple curtain tears in two, the earth shakes, and the sky turns completely dark.
Jesus%20resurrection Jesus' Ressurection Jesus fulfills the will of the Father. Three days after His death, he rises from the grave. The first person to know that He lives is Mary. Then He goes to show all His disciples. The soldiers guarding his tomb are found unconcious and most are gone. The extremely heavy stone is found rolled off to the side, rolled away.
Jesus%20ascension Jesus' Ascension Jesus' time on Earth is complete. He calls His disciples one last time, telling them to make disciples of all nations, and to baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. He ascends and angels appear, telling those disciples to get a move on!