Bethany Hamilton

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Images Born Bethany Hamilton was born in Kauai, Hawaii on Feburary 8,1990. Kauai is an island in the state of Hawaii. She was born at Walcox memorial hospital.
Images%20%282%29 Parents Her parents, Tom and Cheri Hamilton, they are always there for her and supports her in what she wants. They give good advice and help her through the challenges she faces and has faced.
Timeline God Bethany would believe she won all her competions because God gave her talent. She also believed she got through the tough times without an arm because she believes she could do all things through christ that gave her strength.
Images Brothers Her brothers, Noah and Timmy, inspire Bethany by doing different things in life. Like doing boy sports even when she's a girl. They also make her laugh and smile even when she is down.
Images%20%283%29 Rell Sun Menehune In 1997, Bethany Hamilton was in Rell Sun Menehune compitition. She won first place.
Images%20%281%29 Princess Diana Died On Augest 31, 1997, Princess Diana passed away in a car accident. Princess Diana was the princess of London. She ws just 36 years old. The car acident happened in Paris with her husband.
Images%20%284%29 911 On September 11, 2001, terrorists attacked the U.S. The terrorists flew two of the planes into the sky scrapers at the World Trade Center in New York City. The buildings then crashed and killed many people.
Images%20%281%29 Doing Things With One Arm Bethany Hamilton had to learn how to live without a left arm. It took her awhile to learn, but she learned and now she can love life with only her right arm.
Images Surfing Again After Bethany's accident with her arm, she didn't know if she could keep surfing. She was scared if she couldn't surf anymore. She got influence to surf again and then went out and surfed. She then started to surf and she kept surfing. She didn't let the shark attack stop her from her dreams.
Images%20%282%29 Earthquake In Chillie The earthquack happened off the coast of Central Chillie. It had heavy shakes lasting for about three minutes. It was the sixth largest earthquacke ever to be recorded.
Images%20%283%29 What She is Doing Now in Life On 2011, in April, Bethany Hamilton had a movie about her life and was inspirational to many people. Still today she does many competitions. She also still lives in Kauai, Hawaii.
Images Terrifing Accident Bethany was 13 years old, she went to the ocean to surf and got attacked by a massive shark.It was a tiger shark that is 14-15 feet long that had attacked her. With feeling nothing and having no pain Bethany had lost her left arm.