Bessie Coleman's Life

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Rjucca7sesgyca7b7twpca83tcd4cadsycb7ca07f5bxcae9mdjacad7p1m2ca3wlkzzcaf8nab3ca4w2mabcak647otcarb363vca88igpwcanq9u4qcab56ca1cau72oovcanu981icaymfi06cawpa019cal51wkyca769ipf Bessie Coleman was Born in Atlanta, Texas Bessie was born to George and Susan Coleman as the tenth of thirteen children.
One room school house Bessie Walked 4 Miles to her 1 Room School She attended the same all black school with her brothers and sisters. Students from grades one through eight were taught by one teacher.
Azel%20mead%20divorce%20papers Her Father George Left Her Family Bessie's world fell apart when her father decided to return to the Indian reservation in Oklahoma where he was raised, and her mother decided not to go.
380px roseland christian school 1910 graduating class She Finished all 8 Grades Bessie learned to read and write, but wanted to go to college. While working in the cotton fields, she also worked as a bookeeper for the other field workers.
Akr56n She Took Her Ironing Money and went to a College in Oklahoma In 1910 Bessie took her savings and left home to enroll at the Colored Agricultural and Normal University in Lanston, Oklahoma. She had to drop out after completing just one term because she ran out of money.
The nail salon She Began Beautician Courses And Got a Job at The White Sox Barber Bessie left Texas because the job opportunities that were there were woking in the cotton fields or a laundress. In Chicago most black women were factory workers or cleaned. Bessie took beautician courses and got a job as a manicurist.
Marriage image1 Bessie Married a Man by the Name of Claude Glenn Claude was a friend of Bessie's brother Walter. He was fourteen years older than Bessie, and their marrige was a friendship rather than true love. They kept separate apartments then he went off to war in Germany.
The eiffel tower beside the seine river in paris is a global icon of france and is one of the most recognizable structures in the world anyone doesnt know this She Sailed to France to Enroll in a Flight School When her brother returned from the war he told Bessie French women had careers and some even flew airplanes. She then decided she too wanted to be a pilot, but since she couldn't find a school that would train a black female she decided to go to France.
Flight school instrument panel She Enrolled in a Seven Month School The first school Bessie applied to refussed her admission because of some recent accidents with women. The second schhool accepted her and altough she didn't hardly speak French she finished the course.
Graduation hat Bessie Graduated from Flight School When Bessie passed the test she was the first African American in the world qualified to fly.
Red queen logo1 She Moved Back to America and Reporters Began Calling her "Queen Bess" Even with all the celebration when Bessie returned to America, she knew it was going to be difficult for her to make a living as an aviator.
Barn%5b1%5d She Sailed Back to France to Study to be a Barnstormer Because her race and sex prevented her from buying a plane, jobs were limited to her as a pilot. She decided an airshow pilot was the way to go, but she needed more training.
Photo chicago international air show two planes over grant park big crowd 19111 She was Scheduled for Her First Air Show Bessie's friend Robert Abbott asked his staff at the Chicago Defender to arrange an airshow for Bessie. They called her "the world's greatest woman flyer."
4716577969 7d8f600753 b 480x345 She was Rained Out the First Time and Now She Was Scheduled for a Different Date Her first show was rained out and was rescheduled for September 3rd. When Bessie finally got to fly she made the first public flight of a black women in America.
Body cast leeloo by blackkalima Bessie's Plane Crashes During an Exhibition near Los Angeles Moments after Bessie took off in a new plane, her motor stalled. When workers arrived at the crash they found her plane was demolished and Bessie had a broken leg, three broken ribs, internal injuried and cuts on her face.
2010 07 18%20356 crop First Airshow in Columbus, Ohio After Her Injuries It took three months before Bessie recovered. She worked hard to build her barnstorming career back up, so she borrowed a plane and flew in an airshow. Ten thousand people came to watch.
N98a4440 She Guest Spoke at Every African American School in Jacksonville, FL Many times when Bessie was on tour she would speak in churches, schools and theaters trying to raise money for her flying school. Many people supported her because she used her influence to try and end racial discrimination.
Seatbelt She Fell Out of a Plane and Died On the day before a performance Bessie went up with another pilot so she could get a better look at the course. He lost control of the plane and without her seatbelt she fell out and broke every bone in her body and died.
Cemetary Bessie was Buried in Lincoln Cemetary After 3 Funerals As the first black female aviator so many people wanted to say goodbye. She was given three funerals services in Jacksonville, Orlando and Chicago. Ten thousand people tried to attend her funeral.
7646 004 f0b4ef67 The USPS Issued a Commemorative Stamp in Bessie's Honor This national distinction was a tribute to Bessie who proved that grand dreams can become reality.