Aztec, Incan, and Mayan Timeline

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Event Date: Event Title: Event Description:
Maya%20pic 250 Mayan Begins Mayan culture had burst forth in a flourishing civilization.
Timeline 7th Dec, 0700 The warfare had broken out among the various Mayan City States
Maya%20pic2 7th Dec, 0800 Mayans suddenly abandoned many of their cities.
Maya%20pic3 6th Dec, 0900 Mayan Ends The classic period of Mayan civilization ends
Inca%20pic1 6th Dec, 1200 Inca begins By the 1200s, the Inca had established their own kingdom
Ancient map 7th Dec, 1200 The Aztecs arrived in the Valley of Mexico
Aztec%20pic1 7th Dec, 1325 Aztecs founded their city, Tenochtitlan
Timeline 6th Dec, 1428 Aztec: Triple Alliance Aztecs gradually increased in strength and number.
By this period of time, they have joined 2 city states, Texcoco, and Tlacopan, to form the Triple Alliance
Inca%20pic2 6th Dec, 1438 Incan's First Ruler Pachacuti was the first Incan Ruler.
Timeline 6th Dec, 1500 Inca Spreads By the 1500s, the Inca ruled on the empire that stretched 2,500 miles
Tenochtitlan 6th Dec, 1500 Tenochtitlan became an extrodinary urban center
Region mesoamerica 7th Dec, 1500 The Triple Alliance controlled a vast Mesoamerican empire.
Timeline 8th Dec, 1500 Maya was divided The Maya were divided into small, weak city-states that showed little hints of their past glory
Aztec%20pic2 6th Dec, 1502 Aztec Weakens Aztec begins to weaken under the rule of Montezuma ll.
Timespan Dates: Timespan Title: Timespan Description:
6th Dec, 1500
Mayan Civilization -Agriculture and trade support
7th Dec, 1525
Incan Civilization -Llamas is used for transpot and is very useful in trade.
8th Dec, 0900
Maya: Chac, the rain god, reclines in front of the Temple of the Warriors.
7th Dec, 1200
7th Dec, 1521
Aztec Civilization -Controlled an extensive trade network
-Religion is very important