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Thumbnail.aspx First Telephone Directory Published First phone directory was published and distributed by New Haven Telephone Company in Connecticut
Timeline "Yellow Pages" Name and Concept Comes About According to legend in the industry the name and concept of "Yellow Pages" came about in 1883, when a printer in Cheyenne, Wyoming, working on telephone directory ran out of white paper and used yellow paper instead. The belief that reading print on a yellow background was easier on the eye made the substitution permanent. The Yellow Pages very quickly became a trademark of telephone companies and their services.
Timeline First Yellow Pages Directory Created Reuben H. Donnelley creates the first official yellow pages directory
Adp%201898%20 Association of American Directory Publishers (AADP) organized The Association of American Directory Publishers was organized at The Hollenden in Clevelenad, Ohio, November 30, 1898.
Timeline First Yellow Pages Directory with Coupons First Yellow Pages Directory with Coupons Produced in St. Louis
Timeline Members of the Association of American Directory Publishers history 1912 16
Timeline L.M. Berry and Company is founded Loren Murphy Berry, a pioneer in the yellow pages industry, moved to Dayton, Ohio, and began The Ohio Guide Company, printing timetables. He recognized the opportunities for yellow pages and focused on a telephone directory operation that became known as L.M.Berry and Company. Berry created a coast-to-coast enterprise and became one of the foremost telephone directory publishers in the United States, handling one out of every four telephone directories in the United States.
Birth%20of%20the%20directory%20journal%20 The Directory Journal Established The Directory Journal established
The Official Paper of the Directory Publishers of the United States
Published on the 15th day of each month by The Association of American Directory Publishers.
Publication office, 489 Endicott Bldg., St Paul, Minn.
Subscription Price $1.50 per year
Devoted wholly to the interests of the American Association Directory Publishers. Articles of interest to Directory Publishers are always welcomed and invited.
History1912 16photo Original Members of the Association Members of the Association of American Publishers
History1912 18 13th Annual Meeting President's Report
History1912 15 Association Firmly Established Thr Directory Journal, January, 1912
Timeline Directories Become A Necessity in 19th Century history 1912 98 99
History1912 107%20photo Saturday Evening Post. Every directory publisher and salesman should read this article in the Saturday Evening Post.
History1912 106 Five Reasons for Directory Advertising Five Reasons for Directory Advertising
Timeline Nashville Directory Gets Benefit of Advertising "The Nashville Directory is getting the benefit of a lot of advertising this year.
Superintentent Ward has had article after article in the Nashville Daily papers telling about the rogress of the work and its reputation to the community." The Directory Journal, January 15, 1915
The Directory Journal, January 15, 1915
Timeline Nashville Directory To Be Delivered January 25th "The Nashville Directory will be delivered on January 25th, which will be the earliest that it has ever been issued."
The Directory Journal - January 15, 1915
Timeline Fort Worth, Texas Directory 1913 "The Fort Worth, Texas, directory for 1913 contains the following name and information:
Pappauhheodorouchoumunturyouwtopolis, Gust, r.,2509 N. Houston, North Fort Worth."
The Directory Journal, January 15, 1915
Timeline R.H. Donnelley Appointed Associate Editor of Associated Advertising "Pres. Annewalt has appointed Mr. R.H. Donnelly Associate Editor of Assiciated Advertising and heartily congratulate Associated Advertsing and also the Association of American Directory Publishers for Mr. Donnelly's well-known ability and reputation will be of great value to both organizations."
The Directory Journal, January 15, 1915
Timeline New York Directory Largest Directory In World "Mr. Wilson H. Lee writes,"I saw a few sheets of the New York Directory a few days ago. They look mighty good to me. R.L. Polk & Co. have handled the work in a masterful way which result in much benefit to the entire directory fraternity."
The New York Directory for 1915 which will be issued on February 22nd, will be the largest and most complete directory ever issued for New York and it will be the largest directory ever issued in the world."
The Directory Journal, February 15, 1915
Waste%20in%20telephone%20directory%201915 Waste in Telephone Directories Discussed Association recommends to telcos - award publishing of telephone directories to directory publishers who would compile information for classified section in the back of the book to eliminate waste
Timeline Directory Publishers Claim 1915 Best Year Ever "Directory publishers generally claim the year 1915 has been the best year they have ever had and the directories of most American cities prove it.
The Directory Journal, January 15, 1916
History1916 43 New Directory Device "An extremely practical information directory has just been invented by William C. Cutler of Los Angelas, California. Its mission is to convey information concerning leading professional and business men of one city to persons who do business in another." The Directory Journal, February 15, 1916
The Directory Journal, January 15, 1917
Standardization%20of%20alphabetical%20arrangement%20of%20names Standardize Arrangment of Listing "While all directory publishers attempt to arrange names in alphabetical order, still in many instances the arrangement is entirely different." The Directory Journal, January 15, 1917
History1917 24 Don't Invite Competition "A Man Who Does Not Advertise In The Directory Is Inviting Cmpetition" The Directory Journal, January 15, 1917
History1918 7 Directory Patriotism In Los Angeles "Mr. Devereux of the Los Angeles Directory Co. says: "We are sending you under separate cover, an illustration of patriotism as we understand it in Los Angeles." The Directory Journal, January 15, 1918
History1918 30 Association of American Directory Publishers Twentieth Annual Convention Held in Boston
History1918 115 Directory Journal Best Of Its Class The Directory Journal, May 15, 1917
History1918 114 Don't Miss Out
History 1918 135 California Method of Taxation
History1919 6&7 New York Directory 118 Years Ago New York 118 years ago.
Romance in Directory of 1800 - Its Pages Bear the NAmes of Men and Women Whp Became Famous
Timeline Text-Book to Teach The Value and Use Of Directories "It is the intention to print the textbook and circulate it throughout the high school, colleges and universities of the United States, to teach pupils how to find information. The Directory Journal, January 15, 1919
History 1919 39 Chamber Completes Arrangements With Directory Publishers Chamber Completes Arrangements With Directory Publishers, Giving Memebers Free Access to Large Library of City and Trade Directories
History1919 2%20 Standardized Headings Established " There is nothing that the Association can do at this time that will be of greater advantage to it and all its members, then to prepare a Standardized List of Headings and for the publishers to adopt them." The Directory Journal, July 15, 1919
Timeline A.A.D.P Changed To A.N.A.D.P. "The name of the Association of American Directory Pubislhers was officially changed to the Association of North American Directory Publishers. This change was made to give our Canadian Members proper and appreciative recognition." The Directory Journal, January - February, 1934
History1920 17 Directory Name Compilation Machine "R.L. Polk, chairman of the committee to investigate, create and improve a machine to compile names for directories,heretofore has been done by hand labor." The Directory Journal, February 15, 1920
History1920 215 Conserrvation of Wood Pulp "...get busy to bring into existence laws for the protection of the forests we must provide substitutes for wood pulp, or otherwise in the very near future face famine conditions for the printing and publishing business." The Directory Journal, October 15, 1920
History1920 238&239 The Reason For The Directory Journal "So that you, who have your business and personal affairs, may be kept posted regarding the progress of our Association, and so you who have ideas on the improvement of the directory business, may put these ideas into tangible form before your fellow members." The Directory Journal, October 15, 1920
History1920 214 Article 13 of Bylaws - Lists of Directories "It shall be the duty of each member of the Association to report to the Secretary - Treasurer, for publication, any and all changes in the list of publications either for sale or purchase."

The Directory Journal, October 15, 1920
History1920 210&211 Membership Policies Adopted "The Association has a representative membership as is well known, but a campaign will be inaugurated to endeavor to increase the same to much larger number." The Directory Journal, October 15, 1920
History1921 2&3 Recognition of Ten Years of Directory Journal "Let us improve the directory business commensurate with its usefulness to society and elevate it to the position to which it is so justly entitled." The Directory Journal, January 15, 1921
History1921 107 Directory Publishers Divide Into Two Branches "This association is composed exclusively of publishers of city directories, according to the plan of reorganization." Association of North American Directory Publishers The Directory Journal, June 15, 1921
History1921 18 The Final Link In Advertising "And so we come back to our claim that in overlooking the value of the City Directory - as the final link in the selling of nationally advertised goods - the Advertising Agencies have left untilled a field with great possibilities for development, a field that will bring a golden harvest of satisfaction to Advertisers, Agents and the General Public." The Directory Journal, August 15, 1921
Rueben%20donnelly%20death%201929 Reuben H. Donnelly Passes "Directory Business Loses a Great Friend." The Directory Journal, February 25, 1929
History1929 30 New Editorial Policy For Journal "...a decision has been reached that for each issue a member of our Association will be asked to assist your editor by takinf charge of a particular issue..." The Directory Journal, MArch 15, 1929
Trade%20advertising%201929 National Advertising in Directories "In the next decade, the development of national advertising, based on thorough research, emphasized the importance of directing prospective buyers to local sources of supply as a fundamental problem in merchandising." The Directory Journal, May 15, 1929
History1929 44 Fathers of Association Honored "It seems fitting to give this little tribute to our forefathers of not only A.N.A.D.P., but the real pioneers of Directory service and who put it on its feet and made it an honored and respected business." The Directory Journal, September 15, 1929
History1929 16&17 R.L.. Polk - Growth & Accomplishments "I have been asked to give you a resume of the past accomplishments and growth of the R.L. Polk organization..." The Directory Journal, October 15, 1929
History1929 98 What Is The Futire Of City Directory? "The question often comes up - What about City Directories? What have they store for the future? Are they becoming lost in the shuffle of complicated modern life, superseded by the "handy" telephone book and other mediums of information, or, are they to continue their service to the public, expanding and keeping pace with the life of which they should be an important part?" The Directory Journal, December 15, 1929
Shorten%20canvass%20length Why Lose Profits On Long Canvass "The need in the directory field is greater efficiency which will shorten the time of the canvass, cut down expenses, and give the public the directory information at the earliest possible date." Thr Directory Journal, December 15, 1929
History1931 41 Directory Viewed As Complete "The present conception of a directory as viewed by from the standpoint of the members of the A.N.A.D.P., is surely one of completeness. That is does these many things: locates names of persons in a conclusive manner for identifications: locates exacts buildings on the streets with names and occupants: and a tendancy towards development of the information as to telephone connection or numbers, also home owners, wives' names, number in the family, etc." The Directory Journal, March 15, 1931
History1931 42 Publicity - Production - Cost Statistics Three articles during depression times:
Directory Publicity
Close Production Schedule Possible
Average cost Statistics Needed The Directory Journal, March 15, 1932
History1932 19 Increasing Sales "The time has come when it is necessary to work hand in hand with the salesman, offering him the benfit of any knowledge we have. In returnwe should expect from the salesman his undivided attention to work." The Directory Journal, February 15, 1932
History1934 25 Thirty-six Years of A.N.A.D.P. "The meeting developed into a "single thought," that of improving and perpetuating the Directory business on a broad and mutaul basis, a goal desired, but hardly expected." The Directory Journal, January-February 15, 1934
History1934 37 Collections Of Accounts "Let us achieve our purpose by endeavoring to make every sale a sure collection." The Daily Journal, March - April, 1934
History1935 38&39 Liquor Classifications "Now that liquor business is back in operation again, standardization of Directory classifications is a very importnat matter and of interest to all Directory publishers." The Directory Jouranl, March - April, 1934
History1935 18&19 Advertising and Distribution Several articles addres:
"knowing Too Much - salesman need to ask for sale
Advertising and Merchandising
Directory Distribution - without adequate distribution revenues suffer
History1937 2&3 Win Back Customers - Depression Over "Too many former patrons of Directories are still outside the fold. Constructive, thoughtful sales management, coupled with forceful, intelligent, energetic salesmanship, will bring back our much-needed old-time patrons." The Directory Journal, July - August, 1937
History1938 5 Directory Information Greatest When Business SLow "Let us recognize this year as a particulalry excellent opportunity. Let us show business men that they can use our product and services to real advantage during such setbacks as the "recession." The Directory Journal, January - February, 1938
History1938 8&9 Give All A Chance To Advertise "Real salesmanship consists of selling goods at a price that will make a profit and especially in asking prices that the people know to be fair and honest and to give them all they want to buy without curtailing them at all in their desires. Give them al a chance." The Directory Journal, July - August, 1938
Doggerts%20directory Rare Pre-Civil War Directory "This rare edition, so far as we know the "daddy" of all householders" Directories in this country, was published ten years before the beginning of the Civil War by John Doggert, Jr., of 59 Liberty St., New York, and was printed by S.W. Benedict, of 16 Spruce St." The Directory Journal, July-August 15, 1939
Eye%20appeal Value Based On Eye-Appeal "The value of advertising, regardless of the medium, is based upon its ability to attract the eye." The Directory Journal, August 15, 1939
History1940 38 Sun Directories Adopt Lease Plan
History1941 16 City Directory Born Under Monarchy "City Directory lifts the veil of indirection and confusion from our cities; it is the perfect mirroe of our community; it is of the people and for the people." The Directory Journal, January - February, 1941
History1941 14 What Good Is The Directory? "Up through the pioneer stages of the U.S. the City Directory kept pace with progress, aading features and services as public demand dictated." The Directory Journal, January - February, 1941
History1941 11 ABC's Of Your City Directory An A- Z list of Directory Value The Directory Journal, July - August, 1941
History1941 48 Old Directories For Defense (And Victory) "But now our old directories are going to be put to a real use - national defense." The Directory Journal, November - December, 1941
History1942 43 Wilson H. Lee - Seventy Years in Diretory Business "Our job today, as I see it, is that we must educate the younger people who are coming along, on what the Directory contains and what it means as a business asset. However, I have no fears for the future of the Directory business as long as the Association is kept going and the different publishers keep co-operating as they are now, doing everything to make their publications a useful aprt of business and every-day life." The Daily Journal, 1942
History1945 35 1868 Directory Contains Historical Record "This is reproduced from the Ann Arbor, Mich., News of July 7, 1944."
"Intriguing interest and historical value vie with one another betweenthe covers of Chapin's 1868 Ann Arbor Directory,,," The Directory Journal, June, 1945
4f21e63bc96fe.preview 300 The “Walking Fingers” Logo is Created Henry Alexander was a well-known New England artist. His long association with the New England Telephone Company lasted in excess of thirty years. Alexander designed the "Walking Fingers" logo and within a year it became the national trademark for the "Yellow Pages."
Timeline US Department of Justice Files Suit of Antitrust Against AT&T US Department of Justice files suit of antitrust against AT&T
Timeline The Case United States v. AT&T Settled The “Bell System” agrees to divest its local exchange service operating companies, in return for a chance to go into the computer business
Timeline AT&T Spins Off Seven Regional Holding Companies AT&T spins off seven Regional Holding Companies, also known as Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOCS), or “Baby Bells.” The system is now open to competition. The yellow pages themselves remain the property of the baby bells based on the geographic area of operation.
Timeline Online Directories First Emerge The first true online Yellow Pages, was created by Banana Pages, an independent YP publisher in Seattle, Washington. This was the first print directory which was registered with both YPPA (the Yellow Pages Publishers Association) and the ADP (Association of Directory Publishers) to place its listings online.
Timeline “At Hand” Online Yellow Pages Officially Launched Among the first to place its listings on the Web was Pacific Bell. At Hand debuted with approximately 1.2 million merchant listings from across California.
Timeline Baby Bells Create Co-branded Website Four Baby Bells (Ameritech, BellSouth, Pacific Bell, U.S. West) band together to create a co-branded website and initiated a $1 million marketing campaign to drive more traffic to their regional yellow pages sites. This "original yellow pages" site was simply a map of the United States where users could click on any state and be linked to the appropriate online directory. The site experienced stiff competition from Big Yellow.
Timeline FTC Authorizes Creation of National "Do-Not-Call" Registry Federal Trade Commission (FTC) adopted amendments to its Telemarketing Sales Rules, authorizing the creation of a national “do-not-call” registry to be maintained by the FTC, subject to the FTC receiving funding from Congress.
Timeline Verizon v. Yellow Book Decision Reached
Timeline SBC and BellSouth Acquire SBC Communications (now AT&T) and BellSouth announced a joint venture to acquire
Timeline Enters the Online Yellow Pages Business enters the online yellow pages business with a new service from its search engine, featuring photo-rich listings that allow an online visitor to “wander around” near a given destination.
Timeline Directory Delivery is Personalized with Choice Delivery is personalized with consumer choice website