Arthur Ashe

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Arthur ashe 9190544 1 402 Arthur Ashe was born Arthur Ashe was born in Richmond Virginia to Arthur Ashe, Sr. and Mattie Cunningham.
Adc Arthur's mom died When Arthur's mom died his life was turned upside down. Arthur's father was fearful that his boys would get in trouble with the lack of thier mothers discipline so he became strict on his sons.
Timeline Childhood As his dad kept a tight ship at home , he allowed his boys only twelve minutes to get home , after school all the way through highschool.
Timeline Racial barriers During his senior year he moved to St.Louis made friends with white peers that often welcomed him to play tennis with them publicly , however when they were invited at private clubs he was not and told of a time when he was chased from the court. Although remaining friends with his white peers he felt a racial barrier separating them.
Timeline Impact The racial barriers only inspired and motivated Arthur to be a better and stronger player than his friends so that he may be invited also.
Ucla Scholarship to UCLA In 1963 Arthur Ashe was rewarded a tennis scholarship to UCLA
Wd racial barriers began to drop While in college he was asked to play in the Davis Cup and once he was recognized for his talent , racial barriers began to drop and he became known as a strong tennis player , not a strong black tennis player.
Arthur ashe Arthu decided to go Pro After claiming his superior reputation as a great tennis player he decided to go pro
Timeline Heart Attack Suffering a heart attack Ashe recorved from a quandruple coronary bypass operation. Months later on a trip to Egypt he felt a sharp pain and returned to NY predicting a second surgery. Later that month he annouced his retirement.
Timeline Honored as Davis Cup captain In the summer of 1980 he was honored to accept an offer to be the captain of the US Davis Cup Team. The previous coach quit because he couldn't control John McEnroe.
Rip1 Arthur Ashe died As AIDS began to takeover his life his condition worsened. He died
Timeline Arthur Ashe Adopted a girl Camera , adopted by Arthur and Jeanne in 1986 was only six when her father died.
Timeline Arthur Ashe anoounced he had AIDS A new agency threatned Ashe that his health condition would be released to the world, and rather than allow the news agency to make a biased announcement , on April 8th he with the assistance of HBO shocked the world by announcing he had iquired AIDS .
Timeline Aids Detail Since his heart attack in July of 70 , he stated that he had undergone a heart bypass in December of 79 , a second surgery in June of 83 and in September of 88 when admitted to the New York hospital for brain surgery he acquired AIDS , believing that the AIDS virus was trasmitted to him through a blood transfusion during one of the previous open heart surgeries. He continuied to explain that in September ,a biopsy of his brain detected the presence of toxoplammosis , an infection accompanies AID
Timeline Arthur Ashe monument In 1995 ground was broken on Monument Avenue in Richmond for the placement of a statue of Arthur Ashe.
Owl Owl I believe Arthur Ashe is like an owl because he valued his relationships with his friends but he cared for his goals also, he seeked the solution to the racial barrier by being the best at tennis.
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