Anna Eleanor Roosevelt Sr.

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Timeline Anna Eleanor Roosevelt ls Born Eleanor was born into a rich family. But sadly this did not mean she was loved or happy. To her mother she was a disappointment. She was red and wrinkled, to her mother this meant she was ugly. And she was not a boy.
800px ss britannic S.S. Britannic Collides with S.S.Celtic When Eleanor was only two and a half her parents took her on a ship to sail to Liverpool, England.Their ship hit the S.S.Celtic. Eleanor, screaming, was dropped into her father's arms while he was standing in a lifeboat.
Ann Eleanor's Mother Died Eleanor was only 8 years old when her mother, Anna Rebecca Livingston Ludlow Hall Roosevelt, passed away.
Eleanor wedding Married Franklin Delano Roosevelt On St. Patrick's Day, she was given away by her uncle, Teddy Roosevelt, the president of the U.S.
09 2180a Her 1st Child Anna was Born Born Anna Eleanor Roosevelt Jr.
799px rose sanderson votes for women American women's right to vote. 19th Amendment to the Constitution
509px fdr in 1933 FDR elected president
Timeline Eleanor Roosevelt died. Age 78
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Allenswood Eleanor's grandmother sent her to Allenswood a boarding school near London. (The headmistress was Mademoiselle Marie Souvestre.)