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Visual animals icons 452 150 Animals Galen dissects apes, monkeys, cows, dogs; writes treatises on human anatomy.
Human experimentation 1 275 1 275 BCE Herophilus teaches anatomy, Alexandria, Egypt; performs dissections of human bodies.
8a1a8d8e 129f 4c16 b92e 7f0235de3eed 1st Jan, 0600 3 Knowledge of Greek anatomical treatises lost to Western Europeans, but retained in Byzantium and the Islamic world. Islamic scholars translate Greek anatomical treatises into Arabic.
1205 charter 1st Jan, 1100 4 Galen’s anatomical treatises translated from Arabic into Latin, later from the Greek originals.
Images 1st Jan, 1235 5 First European medical school founded at Salerno, Italy; human bodies are publicly dissected.
101anatomia homem leonardo 3rd Jan, 1316 6 Mondino de’Liuzzi stages public dissections, Bologna, Italy; writes Anatomia.
Images 1st Jan, 1450 7 Moveable type invented; Gutenberg Bible printed (1455). Copperplate engraving invented.
Diagnostics 1507 ketham02 1st Jan, 1491 8 First illustrated printed medical book published in Venice, Johannes de Ketham, Fasciculus medicinae.
Jan swammerdam 1 9 Schwammerdam, Ruysch and others start making anatomical specimens and museums.
Bidloo starts movement toward greater anatomical realism.
First art academies founded; anatomy is a key part of the curriculum.
Medical research 10 Anatomy plays an important role in medical education and research.
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