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An Inspector Calls

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Strike%20news small square Workers at Birling & Co go on strike Eva Smith leads other workers on a strike after their request for a salary raise was turned down.
Fired small square Eva Smith fired Workers claims were not heard and the strike was called to an end. The workers could not afford to keep losing money. Mr BIrling dismissed Eva Smith after her participation in the strike.
Millwards small square Milwards Eva Smith ffound a new job at Milwards as a shop assisstant. She felt her luck had changed.
Eva%20tries%20on%20dress small square Sheila goes shopping & Eva gets fired Sheila went shopping to Milwards. She tried on a dress that did not suit her but looked wonderful on the shop assisstant, Eva Smith.
Gerald%20and%20eva small square The Palce Eva changed her name to Daisy Renton as she started to work at the Palace.
Gerald%20takes%20eva%20to%20lodgings small square Gerald and Daisy met Gerald Croft met Daisy Renton and took her in as her lover. He set her at a friend's apartment.
Gerald%20and%20eva%203 small square Gerald broke off the affair Gerald broke off hte affair with Daisy Renton. She was deeply hurt and left Brumley for a couple of months.
Eva%20eric small square Eric and Eva met They started a relationship.
Eric%20eva small square Eva found out she was pregnant Eva found out ahe was pregnant and told Eric. He offered money to help her but, realising the money was stolen, she refused it.
Mrs%20birling's%20charity small square Mrs Birling turned down Eva's application for help.
Desinfectant small square Eva's suicide
Inspector small square An Inspector Calls