Alfred Wegener

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220px wegener alfred signature Born Alfred Wegener was born in Berlin, Germany.
Graduation cap and diploma 2091 Education and Career He studied physics, astronomy and meteorology at the Friedrich Wilhelms University in Berlin Under the teaching of Julius Bauschinger and earned a Ph.D in Astronomy in 1905. Wegener was involved in several expeditions to Greenland to study polar air circulation.
1206565715267089637anonymous simple weather symbols Work in Meteorology Wegener was fascinated with the new science of weather and made the concept of using weather balloons to study the atmosphere. In 1908, Wegener accepted a job teaching meteorology at the University of Marburg.
12517960641912882309man and woman icon Married Wegener married Else Köppen, the daughter of the most widely known meteorologist in Germany, Wladimir Köppen.
Book Research Alfred Wegener quickly begins his work by studying similarities in ancient fossils and geological layers between continents. This will be evidence that will support his Hypothesis later on.
Pangaea continents Continental Dirft Theory made His Famous theory of Continental Drift was Publicly advocated and presented, Stating that all the continents were once joined together in a single landmass and have slowly drifted apart. Alfred Wegener had published his Continental Drift Theory in a Geological Book.
378px ambox warning yellow.svg Theory is Criticised Wegener's hypothesis was received with ridicule. For decades, other geologists scoffed at the idea of drifting continents. The American edition of his work received poorly in the Geological Community in America. Many people contradicted his data and evidence,
Snow mountain 1024x768 24961 Alfred's Expedition Alfred Wegener makes his greatest Expedition to Greenland to study the Polar Climate. He stayed there for 12 months before he was found dead in 1931 due to Heart Failure.
Magnifying glass icon Evidence Samples taken from India showed that it was once in the opposite Hemisphere, as said by Alfred Wegener in his Theory. Data produced from Cambridge University also found evidence supporting Wegener as well.
Approved Revival of the Theory Major Geological findings such as paleomagnetism had revived Wegener's Theory and was now supported by most countries in respect. Alfred Wegener was known as a Revolutionizer in the Field of Science.
350px plates tect2 en.svg Plate Tectonics Another revolutionizing Theory, Plate Tectonics, was discovered in 1967 due to the contributions of the Continental Drift Theory and was highly approved widespread.