Abraham's Life

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Timeline His sister was born
Timeline Abraham Was Born
Timeline Abraham moved to Indiana Settled in Perry County, Indiana; father, mother, sister, and self.
Timeline His mother died Mrs. Thomas Lincoln (Nancy Hanks) died; buried Spencer County, Indiana.
Timeline Went to school Schooling, a few months, 1819, '20 and '28, about six months' school.
Ester dolinko Sister died died at the age 20 giving birth
Timeline Abraham studies for law Captain and private (re-enlisted) in Black Hawk War. Store clerk and merchant, New Salem. Studies for the law.
Timeline Abraham works Works for himself: boatbuilding and sailing, carpentering, hog-sticking, sawmilling, blacksmithing, river-pilot, logger, etc., in Menard County, Indiana.
Abraham lincolns gettysburg address is one of the most quoted political speeches First political speech First political speech. Henry Clay, Whig platform. Defeated through strong local vote. Deputy surveyor, at three dollars a day, Sangamon County.
3 13 Black Hawk War Election clerk at New Salem. Captain and private (re-enlisted) in Black Hawk War. Store clerk and merchant, New Salem. Studies for the law.
Images Became a wig Elected to State legislature as Whig.
Hd herndonwh1c Law partner with W. H. Herndon, for life.
Image028 Republicans were formed a new party, the Republicans, was taking its place. Comprised of old Whigs, disaffected Democrats and members of the Native American Party ("Know-Nothings"), its unifying theme was opposition to the institution of slavery.
300px emancipation proclamation Lincoln joined the Republican Party
Soupkit Shutting Out nominated for President, "shutting out" Seward, Chase, Cameron, Dayton, Wade, Bates, and McLean.
300px battle of naseby 16th Pres. & Civil War inaugurated sixteenth President; succeeds Buchanan, and precedes his vice - Andrew Johnson, whom General Grant succeeded. Civil War began by firing on Fort Sumter, April 12.
Lincoln emancipation emancipation announced
Bilde emancipation proclaimed
Gettysburg national cemetery as1 Gettysburg Cemetery address
Pardonsrebels pardon to rebels proclaimed
Nast army potomac Charge of all Union Armies when he placed Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant in charge of all Union armies, did Lincoln find a general in whom he had trust. Grant had previously won major victories at the Siege of Fort Donelson, Battle of Vicksburg, and Battle of Chattanooga.
Surrender Robert E. Lee surrendered On April 9, 1865, General Robert E. Lee surrendered the largest Confederate army to Grant following the Appomattox Campaign and the Appomattox Courthouse, virtually ending the war. Lincoln, asked what should be done with the citizens of the Confederate capital at Richmond, Virginia, responded, "I’d let ‘em up easy, let ‘em up easy."
Lincoln s death abraham lincoln 8075865 600 446 1 Death of Abraham Abraham was the first president to be assinated
Timeline A 5th Removal the whole structure solidly rebuilt, containing the martyred President, his wife, and their three children, as well as the grandson bearing Abraham's name.