A Timeline of My Life

Timeline created by Dcohen12
  • When Amanda (my sister) was born

    When Amanda (my sister) was born
    When my sister was born this marked one of the most important parts in my life. My sister will teach me many things in life and she will be someone I get to grow up with and who gets to be in my life forever. I will learn things from her that will help me develope as a person when I grow older. In the stage trust vs. mistrust, having my sister gave me the ability to trust other people becasue I knew I could build trust with her.
  • First Day of 1st Grade

    First Day of 1st Grade
    The first day of school will have a huge impact on me later on in life becasue this was the first time I went to grade school and started learning and being able to talk logically. During 1st grade I learned how to hold good convrsations with other kids and my teachers and that become the foundation of what I would learn in other years to come. In the stage of Industry vs. Inferiority, during 1st grade I was able to apply my logic and my self to different subjects and projects in school.
  • Having a Boyfriend

    Having a Boyfriend
    My boyfriend's name is Brandon Burke, he is a junior at Bullis. When we started datining being able to have an identiy I was able to find someone who was good for me. He has had an impact on my development becasue he is someone who is always there to help me in situations and grow as a person. He has made me confident as a person and as I go off to college next year. This is signifigant becasue when I leave for college I know he will always be there to help me if things get bad.
  • Going to College

    Going to College
    As I leave for college this year i will be going off to New Orleans and be attending Tulane University. I will learn more about my self as in Erikson's stage of indeity vs. role confusion. I will major in Interior design and get an intern ship somewhere over the summer to help me learn more about the world of interior design.
  • My First Job

    My First Job
    After I finish college I hope to go off to Boston where I will work as an interior designer. I want to be put to work and show people my talent and eye for colors, shapes, sizes, and space. I hope to be able to design a room just like I did mine, which is shown in the picture. I hope to make peoples houses comfortable and exciting with all the different ideas I have.This is a part of my idenity like in the stages this is who I am someone who has a creative mind and wants to use it.
  • Moving To An Appartment With my Boyfriend

    Moving To An Appartment With my Boyfriend
    That I am out of college and now after another year my boyfriend is out of college I hope we both decide to settle down in an appartment in Boston together and work and pay rent. Paying rent and keeping a steady job will help me grow as a person and also help me learn how to live and pay rent with a loved one and know what it is like living on our own. This goes with the intimicy part of the stages because I will be sharing a life with a loved one and learning how to live with someone.
  • Married

    I want to get married downtown in DC and have a huge wedding with many family and friends. I want the celebration to be huge which goes with Erikson's stage of Intimacy. Becoming married starts a new chapter in my life where love is everything and being with another partner. (Maybe ill be married to Brandon and be high school sweethearts) This will help me mature as a person perosn I will finally start my own life and live on my own but have someone by my side to help me start this new life
  • First Child

    First Child
    Living in Boston with my loved one and being able to have a child is what Erikon's stage of intimacy means. Having a child and going through pregnancy is something to expeirence and I hope to at a somewhat young age. I hope to have a girl who I can name Mollie and be able to take care and love her. This will help me grow becasue I would have atarted a family who I love and be able to be a mother for the first time
  • Have My Second Child

    Have My Second Child
    After having my first child and now her being tw years old I will be ready for a second child hopefully a boy so my first daughter has someone she can grow up with and play with. This also contributes to the role of intimacy becasue of the amazing family me and my husband will be building together.
  • First Day of School for Mollie

    First Day of School for Mollie
    This marks the day where I get to take my child to her first day of 1st grade. This helps me grow as a person becasue I get to see that i have raised my child well and have taught her well enough to be ready for grade school. Leaving her to go off to school will be hard and shows the intimacy I have for my child and the love I will share with her. I am excited to ask her about her first day and the many other days she will be in school and help her with projects and homework.
  • Mollie's First Day of High School

    Mollie's First Day of High School
    Today is Mollie's first day of high school at the Bullis School. This s exciting becasue I get to see my daughter go to school where I went during my high school years. I am exctied for her to get a great education and start the teenage years of her life. This helps me develope as a person becasue now I get to see her grow to a wonderful adult.
  • George's First Day of High School

    George's First Day of High School
    Now my son is off to high school at the Bullis School. This is a huge deal to me becasue both of my kids are at the same school and will grow and become close to each other.
  • Skydiving

    I have always wanted to do something crazy and out of this world so I am going to go sydiving with my husband becasue it is something new and exciting that I will remember doing for the rest of my life. I feel that I have raised my kids to their fullest potential and now I am ready to live to my fullest potential.
  • Retired

    After taking on the job of being an interior designing and learning all that I did, at this point in my life I am ready to retire and take what I have learned and use it still everyday but not be working at my job anymore. As said in Erikson's theory of Integrity vs. despair, I have satisfied my self with what I did as an interior designer.
  • Moving

    Me and Brandon have decided to move to New York for a new experince. We have felt we have lived our life to its fullest potential in Maryland and want to start living our life in New York. We go to see shows in New York, play tennis, and walk around for hours. Like Erikson's last stage we have lived life compeltly productive and still are.
  • Looking back on my kids

    At this point in my life I am thinking about my kids and if i gave them the best life I could possibly give them. They have grown and have graduated from college both have jobs and both have a serious relationship. I am happy I have been able to give them a full life with love and care and adventure. Looking back I feel I have gorwn from my kids and will keep growing from them.
  • Play Tennis At the Club

    Play Tennis At the Club
    Me and Brandon want to stay active as we get older so to stay healthy we get up in the morning to go walk to the tennis courts and play an hour of tennis together to get exersicse. This makes me feel better as a person and also keeps be strong and active as I get older.
  • Plan Breat Cancer Walk

    Plan Breat Cancer Walk
    During this time I want to give back to people and by planning this breast cancer walk I feel like I am doing just that. I feel like I am learning more while helping others and also I am able to meet new people. Tgis helps me grow as a person becasue I get to see what goes on in other peoples life and know not to take my life for grandite.
  • Family Comes to Visit

    Both my kids and husbands and wife come to visit me! I am so excited becasue i have not seen them that much since i moved to new york and their very busy. I am so happy to see my gradnchildren smiling and my son and daughter.
  • Husband Dying

    Today marks the day of my husbands death. He was very sick and it was time I didnt want him to keep suffering. It has been a very amazing life with him and I would never change anything about it. I love him dearly and happy he is no longer in pain. I will meet him in heaven where we can continue our life together.
  • My Letter

    I want people to take care of my kids and make sure they have the best adulhood of their lives. I want people to remember my warm heart and my caring soul towards all people. I want people to see that there is true love out their for everyone. What I am most proud about in my life is raising my kids with Brandon and having an amazing family that supported me with everything. I would say I have zero regrets becasue I belive that everything happens for a reason.
  • Period: to

    0 to 10 Years Old

    This decade would be described as Erikson's Stage of Industry vs. Inferiority and Trust vs Mistrust. I was born July 22, 1994, and weighed 7 pounds. I was born in Maryland . My mom is Patricia Cohen she was born in Michigan and met my dad, Alan Cohen who was born in Maryland just like me. I was also born half Jewish and hald Christian. I have a younger sister named amanda and we are about 15 months apart.
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    10 to 20 Years Old

    This decade would be considered the stage of Idenity vs. rol confusion. These are the years I became aware of my self and made an image for my self. After finding my self I was able to go into high school knowing what I wanted and what I wanted to be when I get older.
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    20 to 30 Years Old

    During this decade of my life I expeirenced Erikson's stages of identity vs. role confusion and intimacy vs. isolation.
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    30 to 40 Years Old

    In this decade of my life I will still be going through Erikon's stage of Intimacy vs. Isolation.
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    40 to 50 Years Old

    This decade of my life would be best described as Erikson's satge of Generativity vs. stagnation. This is a point in my life where i want to contribute to the world and also contribute to my family, work, and friends.
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    50 to 60 Years Old

    This part of my life refers to Erikson's stages of Generativity vs. stagnation and Integrity vs. despair. I have sent both my kids to college and am ready to start my bucket list since my kids are gone and living the college life.
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    60 to 70 Years Old

    This time of my life is described to be Erikson's stages of intergrity vs. despair. This means i am refelecting my life to see if I have actually lived my life to its fullest potential.
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    70 to 80 Years Old

    At this decade in my life I am still in Erikson's stage of integrity vs. despair. I can still say I have been living my last years to the fullest and have been trying new and exciting things with my husband Brandon.
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    80 to 90 Years Old

    During this decade of my life things are winding down for me and I am still jsut thinking and refecting on my life.