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The French Revolution: National Assembly

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Timeline small square Three Estates
Timeline small square Debt/Poor Harvests The debt and poor havrvest was a bad economical time in France King Louis XVI left France in debt and poor harvests ontop of bad econmic times mad things much worse. To fix things the first and second estated raised taxes
Timeline small square Failure Of Reform Jacques Necker a finacail wisard as an adviser. Necker wanted to reduce extravagant spending in the courts, reform the government and abolish burdensome tariffs on internal trade. But when he tried to put taxes on the first and second estate they ordered the king to dismiss Jacques Necker.
Timeline small square Estate General The estate General was a meeting of all three estates that discussed there needs. King Louis ordered the three estates to have Cahiers or notebooks to list their grievances. Most grievances were about fairer taxes, freedom of press, and regular meetings of the estate generals.
Timeline small square Issue On How To Vote Tradtionaly the each estate had met and voted seperatly. Under this system the first and secound estate always out voted the third estate two to one. This time the third estate wanted all three estates in a single body votes counted by heads to make it more fair.
Timeline small square National Assembly Formed After weeks of a stalemate the third estate declared themselevs the national assmebly.
Timeline small square Tennis Court Oath The National assembly found that there meeting room was locked by order under the king. They went down the hall to a tennis court and pledged an oath on a tennis court.
Timeline small square Storming The Bastille The national assembly stormed the bastille in search of ammuniton. If was a prison for political prisoners.
Timeline small square Great Fear/Pairs in Arms The great fear was rumors about attacks on on villages and towns. Rumors drove peasnts to attack nobles that were trying to reinpose medievil dues.
Pairs in arms was a largly middle class milita lead by Mrcus D Lfayette
Timeline small square End To Special Priviliges At 2 A.M. " Fedirulism was abolished."
Timeline small square Decleration Of The Rights Of Man The decleration of the rights of men stated that all men were " born and remain free and equal in rights" the decleration further proclaimed that all male citizens were equal before the law.
Timeline small square Women March On Versailles Thousands of women screamed "Bread" down the road that led pairs from Versailles.
Timeline small square Recognoising the Church The national assembly put the French Catholic Church under a state of control. The civil constitution ended papal authority over the French revolution.
Timeline small square Constitution of 1791 The national assembly completed its main task by producing a constitution. The constitution set up a limited monarchy in place of the monarchy that had ruled France for centuries.
Timeline small square Louis's Failed fight The King and Queen had tried to escape but failed. They were uncovered by a person who held up a currency with there face on it,
Timeline small square Wide Spread fears European rulers increased border patrols to stop the spread of t"e French Plague"
Timeline small square War At Home and Abroad The newly elected Legislative Assembly took office.Economical problems fed renewed turmoil.