Thompson.Alexander the Great

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Mayan temple 5th Sep, 0300 The forming of the Mayan civilization Mayan civilization begins, and Taoism devolopes in east asia.
Timeline 10th Jun, 0323 Death of Alexander the Great/ The birth of a new generation Alexander the Great dies of unhealed wounds in battle, then soon after that roxanne has a son named Alexander the second.
Timeline 1st Jan, 0325 rage in the camp The Macedonians who had fought with Alexander for a long time held a grudge on Alexander because they wanted to go home.
Woman 1st Mar, 0328 Marries Roxanne of the Bactrians Alexander gets married to the "most beatiful girl in all asia" Alexander quoted.
Timeline 1st Dec, 0332 Egypt surrenders/ Alexander is made Pharoh Egypt surrenders with out a fight, because they have heard of Alexander's wealth,power and strength, so they made him pharoh of all egypt.
Timeline 1st Dec, 0332 Alexander the Great trying to conquor Asia Minor Egypt surrenders to Alexander and his army, Alexander is made Pharoh of all Egypt.
29274 alexandria alexandria egypt 2nd Dec, 0332 Conquors Tyre Conquores Tyre; Founds city of Alexandria
Timeline 2nd Dec, 0333 The Gordian Knot Unties the Gordian Knot; Defeats king Darius of Persia.
Dhm1359 1st Dec, 0335 the begining of a revolution Alexander the Great destroys the city of Thebes, following a revolution
Timeline 1st Jan, 0336 Become's king of Macedonia Alexander the great became king after his fathers assination, in wich they blame queen Olympias.
Dhm1005 1st Aug, 0338 First war At the age of 18 fought his first battle and lost.
The goddess athena 2nd Dec, 0338 Athena Born from Zeus around 4000 b.c, Olympian goddess of wisdom,war, and weaving.
Alexander the great 20th Jul, 0356 Alexander the Great was born Alexander the Great was born on either july 20 or 26 to Olimpias and king philip the second
Timeline 25th Feb, 0382 Philip the second Father of Alexander the great and Husband of Olypius
Acropolis cc alan grant 23rd Jun, 0447 The building of the Parthenon The Parthenon was built in the tmespan of 447-432, it was built to honor the goddes Athena