American Civil Rights Movement - 2nd Block

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Timeline Jim Crow Laws - Hughes The Jim Crow Laws were established.
Martin luther king jr1 marten luther king as a child, smith <a //www.naacp.org/pages/king?source=BSDAds_GoogleSearch_Martin Luther King_Name_Martin Luther King_Exact&gclid=CLWK96jYzaUCFQHs7QoduAyclA' >dr. king </a>was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1929. As a child he never failed to ask discerning questions about the world around him.
Martin luther king coretta scott king 450ms031809 dr. king marries Coretta Scott, smith In June 1953 king married Coretta Scott, a student at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston. The follewing year , now finished with his relligous education followed in his fathers footsteps by becoming a pastor for the Drexel Avenue Baptist Church in Montgmety, Alabama
M 5147 When the bus boycott began - Marin WHEN THE BOYCOTT BEGAN, no one expected to last long for very long time there had been boycott the buses by the black before most the Batonn Rouge ,Louisiana,in 1953 .
Timeline For how long was the bus boycott -Marin One day the boycott for 3 months later by a weeklong boycott and they still had some seats still reserved for the white and as well for the black.
Emmitt till emmett till-chavez emmett till was from chicago lllinoise visiting his relatives in the mississippi,delta region when he spoke to 21-year old carolyn bryant she married a proprietor ofa small grocery store
02 bus 05 Bus Boycott -Marin The Bus Boycott offically stared on Dec.1, 1955.That was the day when the block of Montgomery Albama th at they would be boycott the city bus unitl they cloud sit were ever they wanted to.
Timeline rosa parks-santiago in 1955, Rosa Parks didn't want to give her sit to a white person and she go arrested
Emmetttillcasket emmit till- chavez A african american teenager was brutally murdered by white man while visiting relatives in missippi he was murdered for whistle at a white woman.
Timeline emmett till-chavez Emmett till was returned to chicago and his mother,who had raised him mostly by herself.insisted on public funeral service with an opan casket to show the world the brutality of the killing tens of thosands attended his funeral.
02 bus 05 rosa parks - santiasgo United States Court ruled that segregation was unlawful the city of Montgomery
Freedom rights First bus - Weddington The first freedom ride took place on May 4,1961 when 7 blacks and 6 whites left Washington, DC on two public buses.
Freedom2 Morther's day - Weddington On mothers day in 1961, Freedom riders decided to divide up into two groups to travel around Alabama.
Timeline Jackson, Mississppi "WARNINGS" from Mississppi's Ross Barnett left by bus for Jackson, Mississppi.
Lfirethr church bombing fink four black girls were killed by a white man who had placed 122 sticks of dynamite.
Timeline church bombing fink the white man was found not guilty of what he had done because his skin was white.
Mlk2 king was arrested,smith In1963 king was arrested during a rally in Birrmingham, that sought to end segregation at lunch counter. While in jail he wrote ''letter from Birrmingham jail'' , which defended his views on racial justc and nonviolence.
Fbicivilmissing Mississippi civil right workes -Key on june 21, 1964 three young civil rights workers ames Chaney,Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner were murderd near Philadelphia in Nashoba County , Mississippi they worked for register black voters. They want investigating the burned black church the police had arrested them on trumped up chanfes. the police had released them at night time in to the hand of Ku Klux Klan had beat them and murderd them the police was working with the Ku Klux Klan so they killed the three boys.
Images Jimmy lee jackson olbert Jimmy lee jackson was a deacon of this nice church called st. James baptist church .In marion alabma and this in the summer of 1964
Jimmie lee jackson Jimmy lee Jackson olbert In 1965 jackson was inspired to selma tomontgomery marches so he kan save his people from anything so this is why him nd dr.king staert a paceful walk so they can save there people.
Bloody sunday bloody sunday/williams 600 civil rights advocates were marching to montgomery, state capital, to present their gievaces through peaceful march.
Voting act voting act /williams http://www.blackpast.org/?q=aah/bloody-sunday-selma-alabama-march-7-1965 the final successful march began with federal protection. on august 6, 1995, the federal voting act was passed, completing the process king had hoped for.
Images JIMMY LEE JACKSON OLBERT ON FEbuary 18-1966 around 500 people left zion united methodist church in marion and they try to do a peaceful walk to the perry country jail watch it was half way block away because it this time it was slavery
Rosaparks rosa parks - santiago miss parks founded the rosa and raymond parks institude for self develoment