A Rose for Emily

Timeline created by haven22
Event Date: Event Title: Event Description:
Timeline Emily father dies. he dies and she keeps his body around until they have to take it
Timeline everyone Says sorry after her dad dies everyone comes to say sorry and she denies the deeath happening
Sunset the townspeople talked about the new couple they noticed Emily with homer a lot and they talked oorly about them
L 16673 ds1856 71 kb Homer Barren arrives in town Emily's father just dies and Homer comes to town and they star to date
Timeline Homer left He left because her cousins got annoying but came back a few days after they left.
12205460491472115071papapishu poison bottle svg med Emily buys poison Emily goes to buy poison but doesn't say why she is buying it
The missing piece book a weird smell develops so men try to get rid of it homer dissapears and a weird smell develops..maybe the poison was used to kill him
Timeline Emily doesnt come outside for a while. after her dad dies and homer is gone she stayed inside for a long time.
Timeline Emily's taxes remitted they want emily to pay her taxes but she claims she has been
Watercolor painting Emily gives china painting lessons Emily taught little kids how to paint in her own house.
Funeral 1 Emily's death emily finally dies shes age 74.
Timeline Homers skeleton is discovered the townspeople bust down the door upstairs and found his skeleton lying in the bed. with grey strands of hair on the pillow beside him.