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Evolution of Computers

Timeline created by DMiah
Event Date: Event Title: Event Description:
1944 colossus small square First Computer Name and describe the first computer operated at Bletchley Park.
Eniac small square Clue 2 Name and describe the computer built by John Mauchly and J.Presper Eckert.
Univac small square Clue 3 Name and describe the computer used by CBS news to predict the outcome of the 1952 U.S. Presidential Election.
1971 kenbak small square Clue 4 Name and enter a description about the first personal computer advertised for $750 in Scientific American.
1977 apple small square Clue 5 Name and describe some features about the computer that was released in 1977, which begins with the letter A?
1982 commodore 64 small square Clue 6 Name the computer released in 1982 and is recognized by the 2006 Guinness Book of World Records as the greatest selling single computer model of all time.
1984 mac small square Clue 7 Name and describe the first successful mouse-driven computer with a graphic user interface
1993 intel pentium small square Clue 8 Name and give a brief description about the microprecessor released in 1993.
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