The american revolutionary war1 small square

Events leading to the Revolutionary War

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Boston small square Boston Massacre British shot at 5 colonist, all of the 5 colonist died.
Tea party small square Boston tea party Colonist dressed up as Indians and dumped many creates of tea into the harbor.
Timeline small square Battle of Lexington and Concord 8 minute men died, not many british people died.
Bunker hill small square Battle of Bunker Hill Colonist were extremly out numbered. British won the battle.
Doi small square Declaration of Independence The signing of all representatives on the DOI.
Timeline small square Crossing the Delaware River George Washington crossed the freezing and death reaching water. They surprised the british.
Timeline small square Surrender at Yorktown Washington surprised the british General Cornwallis with an attack in Yorktown instead of New York. Cornwallis surrenderd.
Timeline small square Treaty of Paris War ended, offically ending the 8 year war, almost 2 years after Cornwallis's surrender.
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