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Star shield Begin recruiting After a successful call to Pi Kappa Phi National Headquarters and a conversation with Woody Woodcock, Director of Expansion - Evan Smith, Grant Chalmers, Sean Smithgall, and Greg Rhinehart began recruiting men to form an interest group.
Star shield Tim Welles Visit Tim Welles is a past national staff member who currently resides in Knoxville, TN. He volunteered upon request from the National Headquarters to visit the interest group at Tennessee Tech University.
Star shield First Pre-I Vince Fabra visited Tennessee Tech to help Pre-Initiate 14 new men. Those who were pre-initiated are: *Diamond Anaya
*Theo Barbour
*Samuel Black
*Will Carrington
*Greg Culin, Jr
*Scott Griffin
*Nicholas Hagy
James Hobbs
Zack Huff
*Chris Jones
*Kyle Kramer
*Daniel Riggs
*Will Vasser
*Ryan Winczewski
Pkc logo Pi Kapp College Sean, Grant, and Evan attend the 50th Anniversary of Pi Kapp College in Charleston, SC. Evan took Archon track, Grant went Standards Board, and Sean chose Chaplain.
Bcharlesworth 08 Bradley Charlesworth Visit Bradley Charlesworth is the Director of Expansion for Pi Kappa Phi HQ. He visited Tennessee Tech to help with recruitment and expansion.
Afriedhoff 08 AJ Friedhoff Visit AJ is the Coordinator of Chapter Development for Pi Kappa Phi HQ. He visited Tennessee Tech to help us with officer duties, chartering requirements, and general chapter operations.
Timeline CHOOSE Pi Kappa Phi (Rush 2009)
Star shield 2nd Pre-Initiation Quinten Bowersox
Jacob Horn-Malcom
Josh Golden
Ryan Flood
Kyle Goodwin
*Christopher Katko
*Joseph Strickland *Indicates depledged or left school.
Timeline GAP Weekend in Hattiesburg, MS
Pkp official logo 2 MYLC in Charlotte, NC Vice Archon: Kyle Goodwin
Treasurer: Greg Cuin
Secretary: Joseph Strickland
Warden: Will Carrington, Jr
Push America: Kyle Kramer The following people went to the Jan 15-17, 2010 MYLC:
Archon: Evan Smith
Risk Manager: Greg Culin, Jr. (In place of Zackwell Huffwell)
Standards Board CJ: Quinten Bowersox
Timeline GAP Weekend in Alpharetta, GA Down Home Ranch
Star shield 3rd Pre-Initiation Lawrence Sheeley
*Kyle Beach *Indicates depledged or left school.
Timeline Supreme Chapter in Orlando, FL Archon: Evan Smith
Other Delegate: Jacob Horn-Malcom
Star shield 4th Pre-Initiation Brett Cagle
Star shield 5th Pre-Initiation David McCullough
Ben Shoemaker
Drew Walker
*Zachariah Norton
*Corey Neergaard *Indicates depledged or left school.
Pkp official logo 2 MYLC in Charlotte, NC Archon: Zackwell Huffwell
Vice Archon: Jacob Horn-Malcom
Treasurer: Evan Smith
Secretary: David McCullough
Warden: Corey Neergaard (in place of Brett Cagle)
Chaplain: Ryan Flood (in place of Drew Walker)
Standards Board CJ: Josh Golden
Risk Manager: Kyle Goodwin
Star shield 6th Pre-Initiation Dalton Blythe
Jon Murillo
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First TN Tech AC This is the first Pi Kappa Phi Associate Chapter at Tennessee Tech started by Andrew Hughes. Notable members include: Grant Chalmers, Evan Smith, and Sean Smithgall

Interest Group Phase Grant Chalmers, Evan Smith, and Sean Smithgall recruited enough men to start an Associate Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi during this period.

Associate Chapter Phase