The Second World War

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  • Germany invades Czechoslovakia

    Germany invades Czechoslovakia
  • The Nazi-Soviet Pact

    The Nazi-Soviet Pact
    The Nazi-Soviet Non Agression Act - Picture
    The pact didn't help out much but watch the Nazis take over the land doing so.
  • The Invasion of Poland

    The Invasion of Poland
  • Phony War (sitzkrieg)

    Phony War (sitzkrieg)
    Picture of the EventThe 'Phony' War
    The importance of this event is that
  • Canada enters the war

    Canada enters the war
    World War 2 note we took on November 11th 2010. Canada delcared war on Germany on September 9th 1939 and thats when we fully started getting involved. Since declaring war, we are apart of the Allied Forces which was with France, Britain and ourselves. The Axis forces were Germany, Italy, and Japan, which in our case we were trying to take down as soon as possible. Which the Canadians forces didn't have much experience. They were brutally kept as prisoners, or died out there trying to defend.
  • The Invasion of France

    The Invasion of France
    The Invasion of France - Picture
    This is important to the world war 2 because the invasion was powerful enough to Winiston to flee to belguim after Hitler invaded so Winiston could inform the other delegates in Belgium that the brink of war is upon them. The french government was running out of time for ideas.
  • The Battle of Britain

    The Battle of Britain
    This is a big part because, after Hitler was done capturing the European countries he wanted, Britain was the last one he wanted. Hitler wanted Britain to surrender, and while doing so, to suffer, but Britain remained strong and didn't give up, the Royal Air Force made sure of that which is why they call it the Battle of Britain.
  • The Fall of France

    The Fall of France
    Picture of the Fall of FranceDescription
    The relates tremendly because Hitler captured France, and his plan was to trap them, France, Britain and Belguim. But German relied on the Maginot lines to save them when in trouble, but so did the French when German would invade next. French planned their attack but it wasn't as effective as it should.
  • The 'Miracle' at Dunkirk

    The 'Miracle' at Dunkirk
    Battle at DunkirkPicture of DunkirkThe 'Miracle' at Dunkirk
    The signifance of this even was that the German's planned to attack on channels, meanwhile prime minister Winiston gave orders to rescue the troops and they rescued 332,226. They blind sided the Germans.
  • Operation Barbarossa

    Operation Barbarossa
    This event is important is because, Hitler was greedy and he wanted everything from Russia, so he wanted the agricultural products and population from that one country. Doing so he wanted to crush them. The Red Army tried to defend theirselves including Hitler, so they used his tactics and used them towards capturing Moscow, Smolensk & Ukraine.
  • The Attack of Pearl Harbour

    The Attack of Pearl Harbour
    pictureThe Textbook is where I got my answers from P. 149-150. The Prime Minister of the U.S, Franklin D. Roosevelt wanted to join with Britain and Canda to create a strong alliance. Meanwhile a lot of Americans were against that idea. While they're deciding that, Japan wants more land. Japan decided to fire away to the US Naval Headquarters in Pearl Harbour. Hitler backed Japan up, but three of their carries were attacked and went down. They made a big mistake that can't be undid.
  • Period: to

    World War 2