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Ben%20f Ben Franklin Ben Franklin was born on January 17 1706. He was an inventor and a printer, later he became a politician. He was elected the Continential Congress in 1775. He later was to become our sixth president.
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Bennington Bennington Flag This flag was a battle flag that was never flown in battle. It eventually ended up in the hands of Millard Filmore, our 13th president. This flag unlike others has a white stripe at the top and seven pointed stars.
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Hancock John Hancock John Hancock was born January 12 1773. He Was born in Massachusetts and later he became the govenor. He was electd to be the president of the continental congress in 1775.He also signed the Declaration of Independance.
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Declarration%20of Declaration of Independance This is a document written by Tomas Jeferson. This is also the first document of its kind, no other country had written a document like this. This document also inspired many other events in this world such as The French Revolution and many other countries to start their own revolution.
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John%20hancock%20sig John Hancock Quote I gonna sign it real big so King Geroge can see it without his glasses." claimed Hancock John has what you can say the most reconizable signatures on the Declaration of Independance.
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Betsy ross Betsy Ross Betsy is known for making the first American Flag, she was born into a Quaker family of 17. She later married John Ross. He died in 1776 in battle. Her first flag flew at Independance hall on July 8 1776 at the reading of the Declaration of Independance
Nathan%20hale Nathan Hale Execution Nathan Hale was caught spying on the Brittish and was exicuted for his crimes.
Nathan%20hale Nathen Hale Quote "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country." stated Hale. This later became a very famous quote.
Battle of trenton Battle of Trenton This battle was led by General George Washington, he had decided to take his troops accross the Deleware River instead of going another route. Crossing the Deleware river game the paitriots an advantage ending up in Trenton, New Jersey. Many Hessians were housed right here and right away the patriots captured all of the Hessians giving the partiots another victory.
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Saratoga Battle Of Saratoga This battle is actually faught in two battles both 18 days apart. One In Saratoga (September 19 1777) and ne a little south in Bemis Heights (October 7 1777). In Bemis Heights on October 17 1777 the British general Burgoyne was forced to surreneder. This ws a major win for the colonists. This win also convinced the French to join the colonists side. WIthout the French's help the colonists would never have won the war.
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300px incident in cherry valley Massacre American settlers massacred by antive American and loyalists at Cherry Valley, New York.
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Jamesmadison James Madison James was born on March 16, 1751. In 1776 he was elected to the Virginia Convention where here he voted to independance fron Britian. Then in1779 he was elected to the Continential Congress. He later became our fouth president.
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Charleston Battle at Charleston This battle took place in Charleston South Carolina. Brittish General Henry Clinton marched into Charleston and took ove the port to stop shipping of supplies. This victory for the Brittish was a major win because it was one of the largest cut off isn supplies for the coloies.
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Benedict%20arnold Benedict Arnold joins the British army Benedict Arnold was born on January 14,1741 in Conneticut. He was a part of the militias fighting for freedom. In 1780 he was put in charge og West Point Port, he then offered it to Britian for a large amount of money. he was to become know as the number one traitor of the war.
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No fighting design End of Fighting At this time the actual fighting stopped but the war continued. The end of the war didn't come til1783.
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Battle%20of%20cowpens The Battle of Cowpens in the late months of 1780 the British had taken total control of Georgia and most of other sourthern states. In January of 1781 a British general Bonesrre Tarelton and 1,100 troops attacked 1,000 militia troops in South Carolina near many cowpens. This surprise attack did not work well for the Brittish beacuse in the end this was a win for the Patriots.
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366 peace treaty of 1783 Peace Treaty British signs a peace teaty with Spain and France. This is a smaalll movement tword ending the war.
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Timeline Congress Ending Congress officially claims end to the Revolutionary War.
Army Cantinental Army THe Continental Army Disbands. This is ending all fighting officially.
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Treat%20of%20paris Treaty of Paris The Treaty of Peris is signed in Paris, France by john Adams, Ben Franklin and John Jay representing United States and on the British sis King George III and David Heartly representing the Brittish. This treaty also signifies the alliance betwwen the two countries.
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