Vasco Nunez de Balboa

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May 22nd, 1475
Balboa is born! Balboa is born at Jerez de los Caballeros in Spain
South america 1892
Oct 31st, 1500
New World Balboa sails to a new world aboard Rodrigo de Bastidas ship.
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Sep 3rd, 1510
Stowaway Balboa sneeks onto Martin Fernandez de Enciso's ship headed for Central America.
Jul 14th, 1512
Balboa's First Expedition Balboa leads an expedition to the Ithmus of Panama in Columbia.
May 21st, 1514
Arrested! Balboa is arrested and charged with treason.
Nov 4th, 1519
Balboa dies! Balboa is beheaded. It took three blows to the head for him to die.