History of Fenway Park

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Fenway park 1912 Fenway Park Opening Day The Boston Red Sox defeated The New York Highlanders [later known as the Yankees] 7-6, after 11 innings.
Fenway bleacher Fire Does Damage Fire destroys left field line bleachers.
Fenway yawkey way Reconstruction Begins, Halted Due to Fire Again Tom Yawkey purchases and begins major reconstruction of the park in 1933. However, construction comes to sudden stop after another fire breaks out destroying most of the park on January 5, 1934.
Fenway park 3 New Look For Opener Construction crews worked to have the park re-opened for Opening Day that year. On April 17, 1934 Fenway Park opened with a whole new look.
Fenway park green monster Green Monster The wall of advertisements in the park is painted green, therefore creating the ever so famous, Green Monster.
Fenway park 4 Fenway check out where I found this infoFor the most part, Fenway has managed to stay unchanged. Other than skyview seats added in '46, lights added in '47, and seating added to the Green Monster in 2003. Fenway remains much in the original set up. It still uses a manually operated scoreboard which adds to its uniqueness.
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history of Fenway Park