The evolution of push lawnmowers

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220px scythe against hedge
Feb 3rd, 1200
The Scythe first used in Europe for farming and cutting grass around the 1200-1300 AD. This was how people maintained there lawns up to the invention and distribution of push mowers in the early 20th century.
Timeline The first lawn mowers come around. Edwin budding invented the first lawn mower.
Timeline Around this time when lawn mowers were pulled and used by animals.
Timeline up to 1870 lawn mowers were horse drawn or took two men (one pulling and one pushing).
220px reelmower In 1870 Elwood McGuire designed a walk behind pushmower Picture is of a 1888 Reel push mower
Timeline The scythe was used in force until about the end of the ninteenth century.
Timeline in 1893 James Sumner patients the first steam lawn mower Steam mowers during this time were very large and cumbersome, took long times to work, and had to be pulled by a horse or oxen.
1925 mower the first gasoline powered push mowers came to America in 1919 by Colonel Edwin George. This mower is from 1925
History picture11 Rotary push mowers came around by late1920's this is a picture of an early rotary push lawn mower.
Ez kutr A 1950's Push mower
Dsc00014 1 A mid 1990's Push mower This is a 1994 Lawn Boy push mower. this was on eof the best mowers I have ever used. My Grandfather had a lawn boy mower when I was growing up.
100 2249 My 2010 Weed Eater push mower it amazes me how much and yet how little lawn mowers have changed over the last 100 years. I cant wait to see what they look like in a nother 50 years.