History of McDonalds

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Event Date: Event Title: Event Description:
First mcdonalds First McDonalds Dick and Mac McDonald open their first McDonalds in San Bernardino. A typical drive-thru featuring a large menu and a car-hop service.
Mcdonalds speedee McDonalds Is Founded The menu is reduced to 9 items, including: soft drinks, potato chips, and the star of the menu - The 15 cent Hamburger.
Fries French Fries French Fries are made world famous by McDonalds.
Db ray kroc6 Ray Kroc Multimixer Ray Kroc becomes McDonalds's Nationwide franchising agent. He invisions his future in hamburgers and ends up making $500 million dollars in his lifetime.
100 millionth burger 100 Million 100 millionth hamburger sold and multiple stores opened.
Hamburger university Hamburger University Hamburger University - Mascot, Speedee. Today - 5,000 students yearly.
Million dollar bill The Buy-Out Ray Kroc Purchases the McDonalds empire for $2.7 million dollars and has been known as the founder ever since.
500 500 Resturants 500th resturant opens up in Toledo, Ohio.
Number10 10th Anniversary To celebrate its 10th year, McDonalds goes public and sells it first stock at $22.50
Number 1 TV - Ronald McDonald Ronald McDonald first appears in McDonald commercials on his flying hamburger. Appearing in many other store commercials, Ronald was an instant hit!
International relations International Stores first open up in places other than the U.S., first in Canada and Puerto Rico
1000 1,000 Resturants 1,000th Resturant opens up in Des Plaines, Illinois
Bigmac Big Mac and Apple Pie The trademark "Big Mac" and "Apple Pie" items were added to the menu, drawing in crowds.
Arches Golden Arches The resturants are modernized and the ever-famous Golden Arches are implimented into the design!
Egg mcmuffin Breakfast The first Egg McMuffin is created by ano owner/operator of a store, and is added to the national menu
Drive thru Drive-Thru The first real Drive-Thru was created (no car hops, just a car and a window) for army soilders who were forbidden to get out of their cars.
5000dollarbill 3 5,000 Resturants 5,000th resturant opens up in Kanagawa, Japan
Happy meal Happy Meal Happy Meals are introduced to the national menu, first featuring a wagon theme.
25 years 25th Anniversary McDonalds celebrates its silver (25th) Anniversary
Chicken mcnuggets 7,500 Chicken McNuggets By the end of the year, there are 7,500 stores world wide, and Chicken McNuggets have been added to the national menu.
10000 10,000 Resturants 10,000th resturant opens up in Dale City, Virginia
Mcgriddles 769669 Premium Salads and McGriddles Premium Salads and McGriddles are added to the national menu
I m lovin  it "I'm Lovin' It" "Ba...Da...Ba...Ba...Baa... I'm Lovin' It" - becomes the official slogan/advertising jingle for McDonalds
50th anniversary 50th Anniversary For McDonalds 50th birthday, they open up a super-sized commercial resturant (/headquarters) in Chicago.
Snackwrapphoto Snack Wrap The Snack Wrap is introduced on U.S. menus
Mccafe International McCafe McCafe goes International in over 50 countries
Mccafe smoothies Smoothes and Frappes McCafe introduces Smoothes and Frappes to their menu. Strawberry Bananna & Wild Berry Real Fruit Smoothes, and Mocha & Caramel Frappes are added to the menu
Wifi logo Wi-Fi McDonalds now offers free Wi-Fi in over 11,000 resturants
Money 250 Billion 250 Billion Hamburgers served, WOW!