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Daddy Scotty Chastain (my dad) was born Facebook
Mommy Robyn McCain (my mom) was born
Married Robyn and Scotty get married!
Neinei Neileigh Michelle Chastain was born!!!
Timeline Started Pre-school Jackson Academy
Timeline I met my best friend Whitney Smith!!!
Timeline Started kindergarden, my mom was my teacher!
Lala Laura Whiney Chastain (little sister) was born!
Nnj I met my other best friends Jessica Brewer!
Timeline Went to Leroy high School in the first grade!
Nna Met my third best friend Amanda Bryan!
Timeline Jr. High (Leroy High School)
Timeline New House!
Timeline Started High School
Nnl Graduated from Leroy High School
Njw Freshman year of college, USA!
Nl Third year in college USA, still woring hard!