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Important events regarding US Immigration by Giselle

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Timeline small square U.S Congress bans the importation of slavery it makes it illegal to bring any more slaves from Africa to the U.S.
Irish potato famine small square Worst Year of Irish Potato Famine Irish immigrants came to America, running away from starvation.
Vote button small square Election Year Many people elected into Congress were from the Know Nothing Party, they were an Anti-Immigration Political Party.
Timeline small square Anti-Coolie Act This act came out of California, it excludes the chinese from migrating.
Timeline small square Homestead Act gave 160 acres of land to anyone who promised to live there for 5 years.
Transcontinental railroad map wiki small square Transcontinental Railroad More and more Chinese and Irish immigrants came to help build the the railroad.
Timeline small square Chinese Exclusion Act No more Chinese immigrants were allowed to come into America for 10 years.
Timeline small square Immigration Act of 1882 changes tax on immigratns, makes different categories of people ilegible.
Liberty small square Dedication of Statue of Liberty encourages immigration
Timeline small square Anarchist Exclusion Act in response to McKinley'a assasination.
Timeline small square Expatriation Act Any American women who married a foreigner would lose her citizenship.
Read small square Immigration Act of 1917 requires immigrants being able to read, it was a way of limiting immigration.
Army small square Jones-Shafroth offers Puerto Ricans the chance to gain citizenship if they join the military.
Timeline small square Emergency Quota Act It was only allowed that 3% of the population immigrants in the U.S could migrate the next year.
Greencard small square Alien Registrstion Act Demanded that all aliens had to register and carry a greencard.
Helps small square McCarran-Walter Act It allows more Asians to come in, but if you had specific skills it put you at the front of the line.
Imagescail99zz small square Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 First time the U.S tries to limit immigration from Mexico.
Timeline small square Immigration and Reform Control Act It forgivers immigrants for coming in illigally, but makes it illegal to hire an illegal alien.
Timeline small square Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act Makes ir harder for immigrants to get into U.S. under humanitarian conditions.
Passport 20cover small square USA Patriot Act Created Homeland Security Department, requires people leaving the country to have an updated passport.
License533 small square Real I.D. Act Attempt to strengthen Patriot Act, state must have a standardized form of licence and I.D.
Stop sb1070 t shirt p235282872053588400cbhc 400 small square Arizona Immigration Law Makes immigration a state crime, it is trespassing. Turned a federal power into the hands of the states.