Evolution of Technology

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000803 1058 3632 v  v.thm Wave 1: Agricultural Age Wave 1
000803 1058 3632 v  v.thm Wave 2: Industrial Age Industrial Revolution
092.thm Technology Steam Locomotive
IN 1815 George Stephenson invented a locomotive engine, which revolutionized rail transport.
047.thm Education 250,00 US Children under the age of 15 did not attend school. These children worked in factories and mines.
047.thm Education Atlanta School system turns away 400 students because they do not have enough space.
000803 1052 8416 v  v.thm culture/society Period of Great change
Progressive Era was considered a time of great change
000803 1052 9750 v  v.thm Business United States Steel
In 1901 United States Steel Corporation was founded.
047.thm Education First public college
Joliet Junior College opens in Illinois. It is the first public college in the US.
092.thm Technology <a href='http://inventors.about.com/gi/o.htm?zi=1/XJ&zTi=1&sdn=inventors&cdn=money&tm=18&f=00&tt=2&bt=1&bts=1&zu=http://www.invent.org/hall_of_fame/97.html'
In 1903 Crayola Crayons was invented
047.thm Education From 1905 to 1909 Jane Adams, leader of the Settlement House movement, served as a member of the Chicago Board of Education. She fought to change curriculum in public schools.
047.thm Education Binet-Simmons Scale
Binet-Simons Scale was released. Its purpose is to measure the intellectual capacity of a child.
092.thm Technology Cellophane
Cellophane invented by Jacques Brandenberger
09m.thm Political Corporate income tax act
Corporate Income tax Act-Imposed an excise tax on corporations
047.thm Education MontessoriSchool
First Montessori School opens in the US. Children teach themselves- Everything Montessori schools teach was based on this observation
092.thm Technology Motorized Movie Cameras
Motorized movie cameras invented that replaced hand cranked cameras.
047.thm Education Psychology of Learning
Edward Lee Thorndike published a book” The Psychology of Learning”, based on his theory that human learning involves habit formation, or connections between stimuli and response.
000803 1052 9750 v  v.thm Business Assembly line
Ford develops first moving assembly line
000803 1052 9750 v  v.thm Business FEDERAL RESERVE WAS FORMED
Federal Reserve Act was signed to create federal reserve banks
09m.thm Political WW! begins
WW! Begins
000803 1052 9750 v  v.thm Business Carrier Engineering
Carrier engineering is founded beginning the commercialization of air conditioning
092.thm Technology Pop up Toaster
Charles Strite invented the first pop-up toaster in 1919
000803 1052 8416 v  v.thm culture/society Right to vote
With the passing of the 19th amendment women are given the right to vote
000803 1052 8416 v  v.thm culture/society Child labor debate
Child labor debate of 1920
092.thm Technology Lie Detector
First lie detector invented in 1921
092.thm Technology John Harwood invented the self-winding watch
047.thm Education Gastalt Theory
Gestalt Theory introduced
047.thm Education Piaget
Jean Piaget’s “ The Childs Conception of the World” is published- His theory of cognitive development influences American education.
09m.thm Political Stockmarket crash
New York Stock exchange and the market crashStock market crash said to have occurred on Tuesday, October 24 and Thursday, October 26.
000803 1052 9750 v  v.thm Business Crash of 1929
The great crash of 1929
000803 1052 8416 v  v.thm culture/social working women
24% of women in the country were employed
09m.thm Political Unemployment High
Following the crash of the stock market unemployment reached 24.9%
092.thm Technology Semi Joseph Begun built the worlds first tape recorder used for broadcasting.
000803 1052 9750 v  v.thm Business United auto workers
United auto workers stage their first sit down strike
092.thm Technology First ball point pen
First ball point pen with pressurized ink cartridge invented
000803 1052 9750 v  v.thm Business First concept car
Harley Earl created the Buick-Y-Job-considered to be the first concept car
09m.thm Political Hitler invades Poland
Hitler invades Poland
047.thm Education http://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/David_Wechsler
The Wechsler- Intelligence Scale is developed by David Wechsler. This is still used in schools today to help identify students needing special education.
000803 1052 8416 v  v.thm culture/society President Roosevelt
President Roosevelt pressured to ban military segregation
092.thm Technology John Atanasoff and Clifford Berry built the first electronic digital computer at Iowa State University.
000803 1052 9750 v  v.thm Business Kaiser Shipyards
Kaiser's shipyards surpass all expectations of production
092.thm Technology Z3
Konrad Zuse completed the Z3- the worlds first electronic, fully programable digital computer
000803 1052 8416 v  v.thm culture/society Naturalism
Between 1943 and 1944 nearly 1 million people were naturalized.
09m.thm Political Hiroshima bombed
Atomic Bombs dropped on Hiroshima
09m.thm Political Churchills Iron Curtain speech
Churchill’s Iron Curtain speech sparks beginning of cold war
000803 1058 3632 v  v.thm :Wave 3: Information Age INFORMATION AGE
000803 1052 8416 v  v.thm society/culture Population Explosion
In 1954 the country experienced the most births than any previous year
000803 1052 8416 v  v.thm culture/society Fads
Newest trends included Rock-n-Roll, silly putty and the Hula Hoop
092.thm Technology Black Box
David Warren invents the first black box flight recorder
047.thm Education Theory on operant behavior
Skinner’s book” Science and Human Behavior” is published which explains his theory on operant behavior.
09m.thm political Racial segregation
Brown vs Board of Education-begins unraveling US racial segregation
000803 1052 9750 v  v.thm Business 1956 Federal Aid Highway Act
Eisenhower creates the interstates by signing the Federal Aid Highway Act
09m.thm Political Sputnik 1
Russia launches Sputnik-1
000803 1052 9750 v  v.thm BUSINESS FIRST CREDIT CARD
092.thm Technology Internal pacemaker was invented by Wilson Greatbatch
000803 1052 8416 v  v.thm society/culture Birth Control
Birth control/The Pill was made available
09m.thm Political Creation of malls
Creation of Malls – Department stores were testing night time shopping and starting to end the never open on Sunday policy
047.thm Education Proximal development
- Lev Vytosky’s ideas are brought to the US- He is best known for his ideas on “ zone of proximal development"
000803 1052 9750 v  v.thm Business Walmart
First Walmart opens
000803 1052 9750 v  v.thm Business Equal Pay
Equal Pay for equal work
000803 1052 8416 v  v.thm society/culture Civil Rights
Civil Rights Act of 1964
092.thm Technology Hand calculator
First hand calculator was invented in 1966 by a team at Texas Instruments
047.thm Education cognitive learniing theories
Jerome Brunner’s theories help popularize the cognitive learning theories
092.thm Technology RAMRobert Dennard invented RAM( Random Access Memory)
000803 1052 8416 v  v.thm culture/society Woodstock
Hippies,drugs and rock-n-roll converge on the Woodstock festival
09m.thm Political 1970 prices
Cost of US postage stamp was .06- cost of a gallon of gas .36- and the President was Richard Nixon
092.thm Technology Floppy Disc
In 1971 IBM introduced the first memory disc
047.thm Education Rehabilitation Act
Rehabilitation Act becomes law and guarantees children with disabilities access to public schools
000803 1052 9750 v  v.thm Business [First Digital Camera](Harles Seeberger Escalator Inventors)
Steve Sasson of Kodak created the first digital camera
092.thm Technology WordStar released
Wordstar: Released by Micropro International, WordStar was the first successful word processing program for microcomputers.
000803 1052 8416 v  v.thm society/culture Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan was elected president.
047.thm Education Madeline Hunter
Madeline Hunter’s direct instruction teaching model is widely used.
09m.thm Political Recession
Unemployment continued in the face of recession. By the end of the year nearly 12 million persons were jobless.
047.thm Education At risk schools
1983- A report on schools deems we are a nation at risk and wants changes in all public schools.
000803 1052 9750 v  v.thm Business AT&T Breakup
AT&T is dismantled
092.thm Technology Apple
First Apple-Macintosh computer created by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak
092.thm Technology Microsoft windows
First version of Microsoft windows released
09m.thm Political Gulf War
Gulf war begins. Massive air attacks on targets in Iraq, Kuwait
000803 1052 9750 v  v.thm Business Netscape
Netscape goes public
092.thm Technology Java
James Gossling and the Green team created Java
000803 1052 8416 v  v.thm society/culture OJ
The country watched the saga of a football hero
092.thm Technology Web TV invented
047.thm Education Multiculturalism
James Banks book on multiculturalism changes thinking about multicultural education.
09m.thm Political Madeline Albright
Madeline Albright was sworn in as the first female secretary of state on January 23, 1997
047.thm Education Teacher report cards
Higher education act requires teacher report cards
000803 1052 8416 v  v.thm society/culture Columbine
Mass killing at Columbine High School
000803 1058 3632 v  v.thm Wave 4:Communication Age Communication
000803 1052 8416 v  v.thm society/culture 911
092.thm Technology iPod
First iPod released
047.thm Education NCLB
NCLB is signed
092.thm Technology YouTube
YouTube invented
09m.thm Political Oil Prices
oil hits $147 a barrel
09m.thm Political Obama
Obama elected first African American presidenthttp://noosphere.princeton.edu/obama.elected.html
Timespan Dates: Timespan Title: Timespan Description:

Agricultural Age The age of agriculture began and people started to move away from wandering and begin to settle down into small villages and develop culture. Animals were domesticated and cattle were herded.
As the knowledge of tools began to grow food production began t increase. With this new knowledge wealth developed and class bega to form.

Industrial Age Information or Knowledge age-driven by technology

Information Age This wave is driven by information technology.

Communication Age Fourth wave to include major breakthroughs in biotechnology and nano technology.