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Timeline created by linji in Science and Technology
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Img 4259 Happy 5th Birthday <a href='http://about.digg.com/blog/five-years-diggand-counting ' target="_blank">Digg celebrates its 5th Birthday</a>
Feature mobile Two Major News Outlets Integrate with Digg <a href="http://about.digg.com/blog/two-major-news-outlets-integrate-digg" target="_blank"> Wall Street Journal and CBS News integrate the Digg widget.</a>
48rss FEED ME, Reddit! FEED ME! <a href='http://blog.reddit.com/2010/02/feed-me.html' target="_blank">Private RSS </a> caters to tech-savy demographic, making it easier for users to read.
Cassandra logo Saying Yes to NoSQL; Going Steady with Cassandra <a href='http://about.digg.com/blog/saying-yes-nosql-going-steady-cassandra' target="_blank">Changes to the technology stack</a> mean that Digg leaves SQL for Cassandra. (Reddit also uses Cassandra)
Dbcompact New Digg Buttons and Widget Generator for Publishers Out Today <a href='http://about.digg.com/blog/new-digg-buttons-and-widget-generator-publishers-out-today' target="_blank">The New Digg Buttons and Widget Generator</a> are more customizable.
Jay adelson Digg says "Goodbye Jay, Hello Kevin" <a href='http://about.digg.com/blog/update-jay' target="_blank">Jay's Farewell Post</a>
4650799888 fcff2aaa48 m Digg: The Digg iFrame Toolbar is Dead / Unbanning Domains <a href=''http://about.digg.com/blog/digg-digg-iframe-toolbar-dead-unbanning-domains" target="_blank">The toolbar will be retired</a> and announcement of Digg version4 beta sign-up.
*image by <ahref="http://www.flickr.com/photos/gnas/" target="_blank">Just Add Light</a>
Self default2 Reddit works on spam <a href='http://blog.reddit.com/2010/04/youve-been-drafted.html' target="_blank">Crowdsourcing Spam Filtering</a>
3454438258 67e70d15fd m Digg Layoffs <a href='http://about.digg.com/blog/we-just-sent-following-email-staff' target="_blank">Staff reduced by 10%</a><br>
*image by <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/reinis/3454438258/sizes/s/" target="_blank">Reinis Traidas</a>
Xray alien Reddit announces a Major Release <a href='http://blog.reddit.com/2010/05/admins-never-do-what-you-want-now-it-is.html' target="_blank">Calls on Open Source Developers</a>
New digg Digg Version 4
Reddit gold 40 Reddit Gold <a href='http://blog.reddit.com/2010/07/reddit-needs-help.html" target="_blank">eriments in the donation model</a>
Tpmoney Reddit is transparent about where the gold dollars are spent <a href='http://blog.reddit.com/2010/07/your-gold-dollars-at-work.html' target="_blank">Show me the money</a>
Img 1191 Digg4 is Alpha. Really Alpha. Don't worry, we got this. <a href='http://about.digg.com/blog/digg4-alpha-really-alpha' target="_blank">Pre-V4 rollout Technical issues</a>
T5 6 Epic Social-News Revolt [Digg users lash out at new format and join forces the Reddit](Digg Users Lash Out At New Format, Join Forces with RedditRead more: http://newsfeed.time.com/2010/08/30/digg-users-lash-out-at-new-format-join-forces-with-reddit/#ixzz0yV7RRm5W)
Mattwilliams Welcome Matt Williams Kevin passes the day-today business responsibilites to Matt
<br><br>*image credit: eTail East conference
Visitpie Reddit Reports Traffic Gains <a href='http://blog.reddit.com/2010/08/everything-went-better-than-expected.html' target="_blank">Everything went better than expected</a>
Reddit digg Digg Reverts User Generated Reddit Posts <a href='vhttp://soshable.com/on-digg-today-everything-went-better-than-expected/' target="_blank">Digg's changes front page algorthms</a><br/>*image <a href="http://www.wakeuplater.com/marketing/is-digg-reddit-traffic-useless-45-days-later.aspx" target="_blank">Samuel</a>