Jesse Owens

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4027650225 9125f07d73 Jesse Owens Birth Oakville Alabama U.S
Timeline Hemmoved to cleveland ohio at the age of 6 He was six years old when he moved to with his 7 siblings to Cleveland Ohio
Timeline They gave brith to their first daughter Gloria Owens Gloria Owens is now 78
Marriage Jesse Owens got Married to Ruth They got married a year after the olympics
Timeline He won 4 gold medals at the berlin olympics Against hitlers Aryan race and BET THEM.
Timeline They gave birth to their second daughter Marlene She is now 73
Timeline The gave birth to their last child Beverley
Timeline He starts smoking He started to smoke cigerettes when he was 32 his family tried to stop him
Timeline Jesse Owens was diagnosed with lung cancer He went to the hospital cause he was get all wheezy and he found out he had lung cancer his family was really depressed
Timeline Jesse Owens was awarded the medal of freedom by President Gerald ford Jesse Owens was awarded the highest civilian award by the current president back then President Gerald ford
Cigarette Jesse ownes dies from lung cancer His family had a very grim funeral but he died a national hero