Philippine-American War

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Timeline Spanish-American War Begins Spain officially declares war on the United States. There is some discrepency about the original date.
Timeline First Attack George Dewey leads the first official attack on Manila Bay. United States Victory.
Timeline U.S. Withdraws from Cuba U.S. troops begin to leave Cuba, the primary site of the Spanish-American war, signifying the coming of resolution.
Timeline Secure Luzon McKinley orders U.S. troops to take control of the Philippine island of Luzon.
Timeline Secure Philippine Islands President McKinley orders that U.S. troops secure the entirity of the Philippine islands.
Timeline Spanish-American War Ends A formal treaty is signed in Paris between Spain and the United States, with the U.S. the winner. We acquire the Philippines, among others.
Timeline First Philippine Commission President McKinley orders a thorough investigation of the conditions of the islands to determine coming actions.
Timeline The War Begins The Philippines officially declares war on the United States.
Timeline General Antonio Luna Killed Philippine leaders assassinate General Antonio Luna, a major strategic force for the U.S.
Timeline Aguinaldo Captured General Frederick Funston, his troops, and a band of converted Filipinos fool Aguinaldo and capture him.
Timeline Aguinaldo Surrenders Aguinaldo admits takeover by the United States and swears allegiance to the new imperial power.
Timeline Philippines Surrender Aguinaldo issues a formal surrender to the United States, declaring no more fighting would take place.
Timeline Roosevelt Pardons Fighters New President Roosevelt issues a formal pardon to all fighting participants in the war.
Timeline McKinley Assassinated Leon Czolgosz shoots President McKinley twice, killing him, in Buffalo, New York.
Timeline War Ends Emilio Aguinaldo surrenders to the United States, who here officially win the war.
Timeline Last Filipino General Surrenders It's likely that Simeon Ola of the Bicol region was the las Filipino General to formally surrender to U.S. power.
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Philippine-American War